Helix Trio Triangle






Romi’s Triple Helix Piercings

The lovely Romi’s triple pierced helix trio, top-ear triple triangular cluster; pierced w/1.2mm titanium labret bars and crystal clear gemstone heads.

Triple Helix





Fran’s Triple Helix Piercings

The lovely Fran’s triple helix piercings w/1.2mm x 10mm suncoat goldline titanium BCRs.




Maya’s Helix Piercing


Maya’s top-ear/helix piercing w/1.2mm x 8mm titanium labret bar. Placement and positioning is always essential to your piercing and I am always happy to advise, mark-up and move/work at/to a customers request.

Rook, Nose & Helix



Evie’s Nose, Rook & Helix Piercings


Evie’s Rook & Helix Piercings

It’s a continued pleasure to have so many returning clients and customers, here’s a few shots of the lovely Evie’s healed rook and nose piercings; with an additional fresh top-ear/helix piercing. The ear work has been pierced w/1.2mm titanium whilst the nose has a sapphire blue gemstone head.

Various Ear Work


Clara’s Tragus & Double Helix Piercings


Clara’s Inner-Pinner, Helix & Lobe Piercings

Various work on the lovely Clara, over time. On the left ear, a freshly pierced tragus w/1.2mm x 8mm titanium labret bar. Two healed double helix, top of the ear; the top with a 1.2mm micro bar and the lower with a 1.2mm x 8mm CBB. On Clara’s right ear is a freshly pierced inner-pinner/fwd-helix w/1.2mm x 8mm curved bar. There is also a healing helix and I’m pretty sure I pierced some of the lobes, seconds, thirds and fourth maybe. Always appreciate regular clientele and custom; meeting so many kool people adds to making what I do really enjoyable.

Double Helix



Viviana’s Double Helix Piercings

Here’s a few shots of Viviana’s double top-ear/helix piercings w/1.2mm x 10mm titanium labret bars.


Various Ear Work


Kyra’s Double Anti-Tragus & Rook Piercings


Kyra’s Helix & Rook Piercings

Various ear piercings on the lovely Kyra over time. On the right ear, second lobe and top ear/helix both w/1.2mm goldline bars and a 1.2mm x 8mm goldline segment ring in the rook. On Kyra’s left ear is another 1.2mm goldline segment ring and two 1.2mm x 10mm curved goldline titanium bars, in the double anti-tragus. Continued pleasure meeting so many wonderful people and working on projects over a length of time.

Top Ear/Helix

Faith's Helix Piercings

Faith’s Helix Piercings

Helix II

Faith’s double helix piercings almost five years apart! The top/higher one has long healed and been fit with a BCR. The new addition, midway has just been pierced w/1.2mm titanium labret bar. Always a pleasure to see faces old and new, in the studio.

Various Ear Work

Alicja's Ear Work by El Capitan

Alicja’s Ear Work by El Capitan

Alicja's Daith, Double Helix & Lobe Piercings

Alicja’s Daith, Double Helix & Lobe Piercings

Alicja's Ear Work by El Capitan II

Alicja’s Ear Work by El Capitan II

Alicja's Rook, Conch & Lobe Piercings

Alicja’s Rook, Conch & Lobe Piercings

All of the lovely Alicja’s ear piercings pierced by El Capitan @ Shiva Piercings. At the time of taking these photos we had just added a daith w/CBB and a conch w/labret bar. All pierced w/1.2mm titanium and again a real pleasure to meet so many wonderful people doing what I do.

Ear Rim Wrap

Ellie's Ear Rim Wrap Collection of Piercings

Ellie’s Ear Rim Wrap Collection of Piercings

I think I pierced four or five of the seven piercings in Ellie’s ear-rim-wrap collection. The lowest two the freshest; w/1.2mm titanium. Always a pleasure to start a new project on a client, just as much as I’m honoured to add to anyone’s existing piercing collection.