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Shiva Piercings Price List

Shiva Piercings Price List


The Shiva Piercing studio offers a wide range of piercings including stretching and dermal anchors.

Our property holds a Special Treatments Licence approved by Greenwich Council for body piercing and tattoos. We have been established for over 15 years.

Within the Royal Borough of Greenwich, our council state you must be 17 or over to get a body piercing. You will need photo I.D. to prove this, as in your passport or another form of photo I.D. that also contains your D.O.B.  If you’re under 17, you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. The laws for tattooing, are 18 minimum, everywhere nationwide; no exceptions.

All needles and jewellery used for your piercing are used once and once only! One time only needles are singular, pre-packed and disposable. The jewellery used is titanium in compliance with the EU Nickel directive and is entirely sterile before use.

Shiva Piercing Studos Ear Diagram

Shiva Piercing Studos Ear Diagram

The only area I will pierce with a piercing gun is the ear lobe. It is the only place where it is acceptable and anywhere else on the ear, or any other body part; it is especially and essentially wrong. We only offer the lobe gun service to compete with Claire’s/Chemists. Do your research before visiting any body mod shop.

With the gun: One Lobe: £12.50 (Plain Stud) £15.00 (Jewel Stud) £17.50 (Claw Stud)

Both Lobes: £15.00 (Plain Studs) £17.50 (Jewel Studs) £20.00 (Claw Stud)

Every piercing is cannula needle only!

I generally pierce with barbells as they tend to heal better, and recommend anywhere from 3-6 months (depending on the area) before switching for a ring.

Rings are fine when healed, but due to being longer than a bar; can spin dirt into a fresh piercing which can then lead to infection. They also are way more likely to get caught on things such as hair and clothing VS. a bar or stud that will just sit there flush and discreet.

I only pierce with 1.2mm and 1.6mm needles/jewellery although stretching is available up to 14mm.

One Lobe (w/Bar) £20

Both Lobes (w/Bars) £35

Top Ear / Cartilage or Rim (w/Bar) £25

Tragus (w/Labret Bar) £35

Anti-Tragus (w/Curved Bar) £35

Rook (w/Curved Bar) £35

Snug (w/Curved Bar) £35

Diath (w/CBB) £35

Inner Pinner / Forward Helix (w/Labret Bar) £35

Conch (w/Bar) £35

Scaffold (w/bar) £50

Nose (w/Plain Stud) £25 (w/Jewel Stud) £25 (Blackline/Suncoat Jewel Studs) £30

Septum (w/CBB) £35

Eyebrow (w/Curved Bar) £35

Anti-Eyebrow (w/Curved Bar) £35

Earl/Erl (w/Bar) £40

Lip/Labret (w/Labret Bar) £35

Medusa (w/Labret Bar) £35

Madonna (w/Labret Bar) £35

Snakebites (w/Labret Bars) £65

Spiderbites (w/Labret Bars) £65

Cheek (w/Labret Bar) £45

Cheeks (w/Labret Bars) £85

Tongue (w/Bar) £40 – includes second fitting of shorter bar,

Smiley/Lip Frenum (w/CBB) £35

Tongue Web/Tongue Frenum (w/Bar) £35

Nipple (w/Bar) £35

Nipples/Both (w/Bars) £65

Navel (w/Plain Bar) £35

Navel (w/Jewel Bar) £40

Navel (w/Double Jewel Bar) £45

Double Navel (w/1.2mm Bars) £65 (please note some piercings are not always possible due to the nature of each individual client.)

Surface (w/PTFE Bar & Titanium Balls) £45

Surface (w/PTFE Bar & Jewel Balls) £50

Dermal Anchor (w/Titanium Disc) £45

Dermal Anchor (w/Jewel Disc) £50

Stretching from 3.2mm-14mm ~

One Lobe £5.00

Both Lobes £7.50

Re-Open £7.50

Fitting £3.99

Antibacterial Solution 50ml £3.99

Antibacterial Solution 100ml £5.99

Aftercare Pack £7.99

– £5 Double Piercing Discount –

I appreciate where I work is expensive, but it is the Royal Borough of Greenwich, in London; and I am very good at what I do.

Please feel free to contact me and inquire about any other piercings.

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  1. Hi Lucy, Greenwich council policy is 17 with I.D. for all piercings else you need a parent or legal guardian to sign a written consent form, that we provide. So with I.D. we could happily pierce you. Thanks.

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