Niyi’s Daith Piercing

Niyi’s Daith piercing w/1.2mm CBB pierced by El Capitan @ Tattoo 13 in Soho.

A pleasure and an honour for the continued trust, in doing what I do.



Xenia’s Daith Piercing

Great shot of Xenia’s daith piercing, pierced w/1.2mm x 8mm titanium CBB @ Shiva.

Helix & Daith


Maddie’s Helix & Daith Piercings



Maddie’s helix & daith piercings, pierced w/1.2mm titanium jewellery @ Shiva.




Emma’s Daith Piercing

Emma’s healed daith piercing a year on w/1.2mm x 8mm blackline segment ring refitted alongside those killer bees!

Helix, Flatbed Sub-Rook & Daith





Mya’s Helix, Flatbed Sub-Rook & Daith Piercings

The lovely Mya’s healing helix piercing with two new additions, a top-ear/flatbed sub-rook w/1.2mm titanium labret bar and a daith w/1.2mm titanium CBB; pierced @ Shiva.

Various Ear Work




Sophie’s Snug Drift Piercing



Sophie’s Daith Piercing

Here’s some shots of Sophie’s fresh (drifted) snug piercing and daith, both pierced w/titanium jewellery at 2nd Skin. It’s a true honour to say I have pierced all of Sophie’s 15+ piercings over the years at Shiva, so there’s some various bits pictured here; including tragus, fwd-helix, conch, stetched lobe and the fresh additional snug (positioned in line with the conch at Sophie’s request) on the right ear. On the left ear is the fresh daith alongside a rook, helix, stretched lobe and tragus. Always a pleasure and so much appreciation for being the first person I got to pierce in a new studio. You can find me piercing at 2nd Skin, on Fridays throughout Spring 2017.

Double Inner-Pinner & Daith





Esther’s Double Inner-Pinner & Daith Piercings

Esther’s fresh double inner-pinner/fwd-helix piercings w/1.2mm curved titanium bars and a healed daith w/1.2mm segment ring. This looks pretty rad but the curved bars will be shortened as and when the initial swelling subsides. Always a pleasure to see customers and clients looking after their piercings.




Daith & Helix



Linda’s Daith & Helix Piercings

Linda’s daith piercing originally pierced w/1.2mm x 8mm titanium CBB and later changed to a 1.2mm curved bar w/internally threaded purple opal stones. A helix/top-ear piercing was also added w/1.2mm x 8mm titanium labret bar. Both Linda and her daughter Eve got the daith piercings over six months ago after hearing about the migraine hype… With this wave of migraine theory, I have tried to keep tabs on my clients and others that I meet to gauge an average for if this particular piercing actually helps. To all those interested in the idea, I would honestly say it is 50/50 i.e. 5/10 people tell me they are ‘cured’ or ‘relieved’ whilst for some, it does not have any affect at all. There are so many variables that it is difficult to be accurate and I couldn’t generally say it works, however both Linda and Eve eventually had positive results. It’s an absolute genuine pleasure to say that Linda had instant migraine relief, whilst initially Eve didn’t notice much difference within the first 2-3 months. However, three months in and Eve hasn’t had a migraine in three or four months now. These two lovely ladies are a great illustration to show how in certain cases there can be an immediate effect whilst for some people it can take a duration of time to fully heal; hopefully finding pain relief later on down the line. I love doing what I do and meeting the many wonderful people along the way; the daith piercing has easily become a firm favourite of mine and words alone can’t express how incredible it feels to help someone take out a headache.

Daith & Industrial




Louis’ Daith & Vertical Scaffold Piercings

Here’s Louis’ healed daith piercing w/1.2mm curved bar whilst an additional vertical scaffold industrial piercing has been added w/1.6mm titanium by El Capitan @ Shiva Piercings.




Tilly’s Daith Piercing


A few contrasting shots of the lovely Tilly’s daith pierced w/1.2mm x 8mm titanium CBB. Always a pleasure to meet and pierce so many awesome people at Shiva.