Various Ear Work




Sophie’s Snug Drift Piercing



Sophie’s Daith Piercing

Here’s some shots of Sophie’s fresh (drifted) snug piercing and daith, both pierced w/titanium jewellery at 2nd Skin. It’s a true honour to say I have pierced all of Sophie’s 15+ piercings over the years at Shiva, so there’s some various bits pictured here; including tragus, fwd-helix, conch, stetched lobe and the fresh additional snug (positioned in line with the conch at Sophie’s request) on the right ear. On the left ear is the fresh daith alongside a rook, helix, stretched lobe and tragus. Always a pleasure and so much appreciation for being the first person I got to pierce in a new studio. You can find me piercing at 2nd Skin, on Fridays throughout Spring 2017.

Various Work…

Rick's well healed collection...

Rick’s well healed collection…

Rick’s metal collection consisting of a transverse lobe, stretched tragus and some rim/helix work, one also stretched; all pierced by El Capitan @ Shiva Piercings. These are all long well healed now as they were done years ago, most of them when I first started piercing. Grabbed this shot the other day as Rick’s a long time old friend.