Levaan’s Eyebrow Piercing


Ice kool Levaan’s eyebrow piercing, pierced w/1.6mm titanium curved bar @ Shiva. Always a pleasure meeting so many awesome people, doing what I do.




Sacha’s Eyebrow Piercing w/1.6mm




Sacha’s Eyebrow Piercing w/1.2mm

Sacha’s eyebrow piercing originally pierced w/1.6mm curved titanium bar and several months later refitted with a snugger 1.2mm curved titanium bar.


Perry's Eyebrow Piercing

Perry’s Eyebrow Piercing

At Shiva I pierce many families and friends, locals and regular clientele; among the many tourists passing through the wonderful place that is Greenwich. It’s always a pleasure to meet the hundreds that turn into thousands, old or new! I thought it was pretty kool that Perry had his eyebrow pierced by me after his dad had his eyebrow pierced @ Shiva Piercings twenty years before! Here’s Perry’s eyebrow pierced w/1.2mm x 12mm curved titanium bar.

Eyebrow & Nose

Cordillia's Nose & Eyebrow Piercings

Cordillia’s Nose & Eyebrow Piercings

Cordillia came and checked the Captain for an eyebrow piercing, pierced w/1.6mm x 10mm titanium curved bar and was so happy with it, she returned days later for a nose piercing. This isn’t uncommon for customers to come in for one piercing and then want piercings either on the spot, at the time; or days or weeks later. Am more than happy to do two or three piercings at once, depending on where; and with the knowledge my good customers will look after them for the required healing time/process.