Helix Trio Triangle






Romi’s Triple Helix Piercings

The lovely Romi’s triple pierced helix trio, top-ear triple triangular cluster; pierced w/1.2mm titanium labret bars and crystal clear gemstone heads.


Transverse Lobe




Emma’s Transverse Lobe Piercing

Emma and Jenny came in together asking about transverse earlobe piercing, which is always an interesting request when the anatomy suits. Here’s Emma’s freehand transverse earlobe piercing w/1.6mm titanium bar. Had a blast with these ladies and think the piercings look awesome, especially the X effect; when worn with the criss-crossing traditional lobe piercings.

Transverse Lobe




Jenny’s Transverse Lobe Piercing

Both Jenny and Emma came in together inquiring about a transverse earlobe piercing, which is always a fun and rarer request. Here’s Jenny’s freehand transverse earlobe piercing w/1.6mm titanium bar. Had a blast with these ladies and think the piercings look killer, especially with the criss-crossing traditional lobe piercing.

Triple Flatbed Helix Trio







Laura’s Triple Helix Triangle Piercings

Was an absolute pleasure to fulfill Laura’s awesome request of having a flatbed triangle-trio of helix piercings, pierced w/1.2mm titanium labret bars. Contrasts and compliments the ear lobe trio perfectly and was a total blast to do.


Custom Top Ear


Lois’ Custom Top-Ear Piercing


Lois came in for an additional piercing alongside an existing helix piercing (BCR ring – not pierced by me) at the top of the ear. I’m sure there’s an exact name for this precise positioning somewhere, I love the placement; dead center pierced w/1.2mm titanium labret bar. I think this is both simple yet striking and it’s always a pleasure n’ made to measure to a customer/client’s request. More of these, please.

Custom Vertical Lobe




Kemisha’s Vertical Lobe Piercing

Here’s some awesome shots of Kemisha’s custom vertical lobe piercing w/1.6mm x 18mm titanium bar; which I had a blast doing. Kemisha came in with a specific idea and a picture. This piercing is inbetween the anti-tragus and snug, almost a vertical outer conch; but pierced through to the lobe vertically. Always fun when someone wants something a little different that’s possible to safely do.

Orbital Lobe

Orbital Lobe

Orbital Lobe

Christina's Orbital Lobe Piercing(s)

Christina’s Orbital Lobe Piercing(s)

Orbital III

Christina’s orbital lobe piercing(s) is the middle ring between the existing studs. I love a good orbital for which I pierced the lobe twice in between the studs w/1.2mm x 10mm titanium bars and refitted a 1.2mm x 10mm segment ring around 8 weeks post piercing. Healed, looks awesome and as always; a pleasure.

Custom Snug Drift

Charlotte's Snug Drift Piercing

Charlotte’s Snug Drift Piercing

Custom Snug Drift II

Custom Snug Drift III

The lovely Charlotte requested a snug – drifting between a snug and an outer conch ear cartilage piercing – which I was more than happy to do! 👊😷💉 having previously pierced Charlotte’s tragus (pictured) and tongue (pictured elsewhere in my portfolio) I know Charlotte always looks after her piercings; this drifted snug was pierced w/1.2mm curved titanium bar.

Body Piercing

Second (of lower three) Lobe Drift Piercing

Second (of lower three) Lobe Drift Piercing

That time when I pierced Kelly (yet again) a lobe drift in blackline titanium. The first piercing, in the new Shiva Piercing Studio; January 2014.

💉 👂 💎

Holly's Horizontal Rook/Cartilage Piercing

Holly’s Horizontal Rook/Cartilage Piercing

Holly came in whilst back in the UK and requested a rook piercing, but rather than pierced vertically, she requested it horizontally. You could call it a top ear piercing as it is basically all cartilage up there, I’d pierce a rook slightly lower and to the right if vertical; but I was more than happy to do so. I pierced Holly w/1.2mm x 8mm titanium labret bar w/3mm clear gem stone head. I’m more than happy to take individual requests and do things that aren’t specifically on the Shiva Piercings pricing list. Always happy to talk piercings when I’m in the office…