Helix Ear Wrap


Jannene’s Helix’ Ear Rim-Wrap






The lovely Janene’s ear helix/rim-wrap pierced over the course of around six or seven months @ Shiva. The highest piercing had been there for a long time when Janene decided to start working down to the earlobe. I pierced four, one at a time; between the top one and the two on the lobe. Originally pierced w/1.2mm 8-10mm titanium labret bars; here they have been shortened to a mix of 6-8mm with smaller 2.5mm aqua gemstone heads. Janene has been healing pretty fast but had caught her ear on a bike helmet just before coming in for the refitted shorter bars; where we also stretched her second lobe piercing to accomodate matching 1.2mm jewellery.



Michelle’s Helix Piercing



Michelle’s fresh helix piercing within a healed bow tattoo by Sergio, pierced & tattooed @ 2nd Skin.

Custom Top Ear


Lois’ Custom Top-Ear Piercing


Lois came in for an additional piercing alongside an existing helix piercing (BCR ring – not pierced by me) at the top of the ear. I’m sure there’s an exact name for this precise positioning somewhere, I love the placement; dead center pierced w/1.2mm titanium labret bar. I think this is both simple yet striking and it’s always a pleasure n’ made to measure to a customer/client’s request. More of these, please.

5X Ear Cartilage/Lobe

5x Ear Lobe & Cartilage Piercings

5x Ear Lobe & Cartilage Piercings

All five above the initial glitter on the lobe, were pierced over the course of about a year or so by El Capitan @ Shiva Piercings. The last two, lower on the lobe; were added at the same time as a nose piercing, on a young aspiring piercer who must remind me of her name! All pierced w/1.2mm x 8mm titanium bars only. Great shot of what I do and I meet lots of young people interested in getting into working in body piercing, tattooing and body modification.