Helix Ear Wrap


Jannene’s Helix’ Ear Rim-Wrap






The lovely Janene’s ear helix/rim-wrap pierced over the course of around six or seven months @ Shiva. The highest piercing had been there for a long time when Janene decided to start working down to the earlobe. I pierced four, one at a time; between the top one and the two on the lobe. Originally pierced w/1.2mm 8-10mm titanium labret bars; here they have been shortened to a mix of 6-8mm with smaller 2.5mm aqua gemstone heads. Janene has been healing pretty fast but had caught her ear on a bike helmet just before coming in for the refitted shorter bars; where we also stretched her second lobe piercing to accomodate matching 1.2mm jewellery.