Helix Ear Wrap


Jannene’s Helix’ Ear Rim-Wrap






The lovely Janene’s ear helix/rim-wrap pierced over the course of around six or seven months @ Shiva. The highest piercing had been there for a long time when Janene decided to start working down to the earlobe. I pierced four, one at a time; between the top one and the two on the lobe. Originally pierced w/1.2mm 8-10mm titanium labret bars; here they have been shortened to a mix of 6-8mm with smaller 2.5mm aqua gemstone heads. Janene has been healing pretty fast but had caught her ear on a bike helmet just before coming in for the refitted shorter bars; where we also stretched her second lobe piercing to accomodate matching 1.2mm jewellery.

Various Ear Work




Sophie’s Snug Drift Piercing



Sophie’s Daith Piercing

Here’s some shots of Sophie’s fresh (drifted) snug piercing and daith, both pierced w/titanium jewellery at 2nd Skin. It’s a true honour to say I have pierced all of Sophie’s 15+ piercings over the years at Shiva, so there’s some various bits pictured here; including tragus, fwd-helix, conch, stetched lobe and the fresh additional snug (positioned in line with the conch at Sophie’s request) on the right ear. On the left ear is the fresh daith alongside a rook, helix, stretched lobe and tragus. Always a pleasure and so much appreciation for being the first person I got to pierce in a new studio. You can find me piercing at 2nd Skin, on Fridays throughout Spring 2017.

Various Ear Work


Clara’s Tragus & Double Helix Piercings


Clara’s Inner-Pinner, Helix & Lobe Piercings

Various work on the lovely Clara, over time. On the left ear, a freshly pierced tragus w/1.2mm x 8mm titanium labret bar. Two healed double helix, top of the ear; the top with a 1.2mm micro bar and the lower with a 1.2mm x 8mm CBB. On Clara’s right ear is a freshly pierced inner-pinner/fwd-helix w/1.2mm x 8mm curved bar. There is also a healing helix and I’m pretty sure I pierced some of the lobes, seconds, thirds and fourth maybe. Always appreciate regular clientele and custom; meeting so many kool people adds to making what I do really enjoyable.