Various Work



Lisa’s Double Conch, Tragus, Helix & Third Lobe Piercings


Decorated in disco! Various ear work on the lovely Lisa including a double conch, tragus, helix and third lobe piercings, pierced over the months and years @ Shiva. As always, it is the continued level of trust, confidence and appreciation that makes piercing people such a sacred privilege. Thanking all of you!



Chloe’s Healed Conch Piercing




Some contrasting shots of Chloe’s healed conch with a jewellery switch up several months later to a 1.6mm segment ring. This look is classic and one of my favourite piercings.

Various Ear Work




Sophie’s Snug Drift Piercing



Sophie’s Daith Piercing

Here’s some shots of Sophie’s fresh (drifted) snug piercing and daith, both pierced w/titanium jewellery at 2nd Skin. It’s a true honour to say I have pierced all of Sophie’s 15+ piercings over the years at Shiva, so there’s some various bits pictured here; including tragus, fwd-helix, conch, stetched lobe and the fresh additional snug (positioned in line with the conch at Sophie’s request) on the right ear. On the left ear is the fresh daith alongside a rook, helix, stretched lobe and tragus. Always a pleasure and so much appreciation for being the first person I got to pierce in a new studio. You can find me piercing at 2nd Skin, on Fridays throughout Spring 2017.




Alicia’s Conch Piercing

Here’s a couple of sweet shots of Alicia’s healed conch piercing w/1.6mm BCR refitted. This looks awesome although I only recommend fitting a ring when fully healed and love it when my customers and clients do so.

Conch Stretch




Michael’s 2.4mm Conch Piercings w/CBBs.




Michael’s 2.4mm Tapered Conch Piercings

New Shiva Crew member Michael, originally had both his conch ear piercings pierced w/1.6mm bars in Australia; and it was a pleasure to taper/stretch them both up and fit these killer 2.4mm x 19mm CBBs (Circular Bar Bells.)








Kara’s Conch Piercing

Kara’s conch piercing w/1.6mm titanium by El Capitan @ Shiva Piercings.

Conch & Scaffold




Magdalena’s Conch & Scaffold Piercings

Here’s some awesome shots of Magdalena’s healed conch piercing w/1.6mm segment ring and a fresh scaffold w/1.6mm industrial titanium bar. I think the conch piercing looks great with a ring when healed and these two piercings really compliment each other well. Always a pleasure to meet so many wonderful people, doing what I do…

Various Ear Work

Alicja's Ear Work by El Capitan

Alicja’s Ear Work by El Capitan

Alicja's Daith, Double Helix & Lobe Piercings

Alicja’s Daith, Double Helix & Lobe Piercings

Alicja's Ear Work by El Capitan II

Alicja’s Ear Work by El Capitan II

Alicja's Rook, Conch & Lobe Piercings

Alicja’s Rook, Conch & Lobe Piercings

All of the lovely Alicja’s ear piercings pierced by El Capitan @ Shiva Piercings. At the time of taking these photos we had just added a daith w/CBB and a conch w/labret bar. All pierced w/1.2mm titanium and again a real pleasure to meet so many wonderful people doing what I do.


Shoushylla's Conch Piercing

Shoushylla’s Conch Piercing

Shoushylla's Conch Piercing w/Segment Ring

Shoushylla’s Conch Piercing w/Segment Ring

Shoushylla's Conch Piercing - Bar - Ring - Switch

Shoushylla’s Conch Piercing – Bar – Ring – Switch

The lovely Shoushylla had her conch pierced by me around six or so months ago… and so I switched the 1.6mm bar for a suncoat gold anodised titanium 1.6mm x 12mm segment ring. This looks awesome, once fully healed!