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Claire's Septum & Tongue-Web Piercings

Claire’s Septum & Tongue-Web Piercings

Claire and Dan came back for a pair of piercings each, Claire’s septum pierced w/1.2mm x 8mm CBB & tongue-webbing w/1.2mm x 8mm titanium bar.

Tongue-Web Piercing Action…

work is like a Tarantino movie for Miss Jones

work is like a Tarantino movie for Miss Jones

So one Sunday the crew decides to go for some piercings after work, whilst we’re still in the old studio, no.24 Church St.

Here’s El Capitan VS. Miss Jones w/some tongue-web piercing action, which is the frenulum under the tongue.

  • Open wide and use a mini-clamp to grip the frenulum.
  • I used a 1.2mm needle, for which went through above, note my girl is ice kool.
Say "Aaaahh" one way or another...

Say “Aaaahh” one way or another…

Familiar to me because it’s what I do and I’d also pierced Shanice’s smiley at some point, the year before…

  • Removing the needle and cutting down the canula.
Ninja Dexterity

Ninja Dexterity

I’ve pierced I think five of Shanice’s twelve piercings so far, so I am told…

  • Fitting the jewellery, a 1.2mm x 8mm curved bar.

El Cap Vs Shanice IV

I usually pierce tongue-webs with a straight bar, the curved bar was a bit of a swerve ball angle wise and it’s a tricky piercing regardless.

  • Trying to keep the bar steady when the mouth is filling up with saliva, to put the ball on; is a challenge.
Miss Jones & El Capitan

Miss Jones & El Capitan

The bar actually slid out at least twice due to the saliva drool build up, but Shanice was calm as standard.

we tight like that

we tight like that…

  • Once threaded, tighten that ball real good; so it doesn’t come off.
Shanice's Tongue-Web Piercing

Shanice’s Tongue-Web Piercing

The tongue-web is the lower bar on show, 1.2mm x 8mm. The snake eyes/scoop piercing above; was not pierced by me. ✌

Special Thanks to Kelly Fitzsimmons for taking the photographs.

Edits by El Cap.