Melissa’s Bridge Piercing

Melissa’s Bridge/Earl/Erl piercing w/1.6mm barbell pierced by El Capitan @ Tattoo 13 in Soho.



Harrison’s Erl Piercing





Harrison’s Erl/Bridge piercing, pierced w/1.6mm x 14mm blackline titanium bar and later shortened down to 12mm @ Shiva.


Alastair's Erl

Alastair’s Erl

Alastair's Bridge Piercing

Alastair’s Bridge Piercing

Alastair’s erl/bridge piercing, as requested w/1.6mm PTFE plastic and 3mm titanium balls. I usually pierce an earl with a titanium straight bar but Alastair knew a bit about piercing and asked for PTFE, as it’s known to be better healing wise for surface piercings. I always use PTFE with surface piercings but am always happy to talk different options with clients. Great shots and a fun piercing!


Charmaine's Earl Piercing

Charmaine’s Earl Piercing I

Charmaine's Earl Piercing II

Charmaine’s Earl Piercing II

I’ve know Charmaine through passing over the years and was more than happy to pierce her earl/erl/bridge w/1.2mm x 12mm bar. I usually pierce with 1.6mm as these swell, but as was requested, was more than happy to; and the end result alongside Charmaine’s lip piercings looks sweet. Was a pleasure and again, I love meeting and talking to amazing people; each and e’eryday!


Luke's Erl⚡Earl Piercing, a year on...

Luke’s Erl⚡Earl Piercing, a year on…

Right before piercing Luke’s septum, I grabbed a quick shot of his healed earl piercing; pierced just over a year ago. Luke’s wearing a 1.6mm x 10 or 12mm blackline titanium bar. Good to see satisfied clientele returning and thanks for the shot fella. Rarer request for an earl these days.

Additional Blackline Piercings

Blackline Bill

Blackline Bill

Bill’s a returning customer and as shown in an earlier post, I’ve pierced a fair bit of Bill w/blackline titanium. Erl, Cheeks, Angelbites, original Snakebites before stretching, Medusa before stretching and here we have added two ‘lip piercings’ the second and sixth from left to right. Bill heals real well and am honoured to add to his collection.


Referred to as an Erl, Earl or Bridge Piercing...

Referred to as an Erl, Earl or Bridge Piercing…

Here’s another old school photo from 2011 or 2012. This piercing is referred to as an Erl, the Earl or a Bridge Piercing. This is doable if you can pinch the skin at the bridge of your nose, between your eyebrows. This was pierced with a 1.6mm titanium barbell. Rock n’ Roll.