Stella’s Cheek & Dahlia Piercings

Great shot of Stella’s new healing cheek piercings alongside healed dahlia bites pierced @ Shiva. The lip and tear-drop temple dermal was also pierced by myself a while ago. As always, ever a pleasure adding to such a unique collection…

“Loving my new piercings from @el_capitan_body_piercer always an amazing service! Can’t walk out that place without leaving with more holes! . . .” Stella.


Vertical Lip


Leah’s Vertical Lip Piercing





The lovely Leah’s vertical lip piercing with a contrasting shot of the original and shortened 1.2mm curved titanium bar. It was a pleasure to add to Leah’s collection and the new piercing works really well alongside long healed cheek piercings; pierced years ago by Kelly @ Shiva.

Mirrored Madonna/Angelbites



Michael’s Angelbites & Stretched Septum Piercings


Here’s Michael’s mirrored-Madonna/Monroe piercing [left side upper lip – Michael’s right) which was a pleasure to pierce as we were creating angelbites opposite some existing piercings. We spent time on the placement and were both really happy with the results. Always a blast to add too and compliment Michael’s piercing collection; we also stretched the septum to 2mm CBB.

Vertical Labret/Lip






Cristina’s Vertical Lip Piercing

Cristina’s vertical lip/labret piercing w/1.2mm curved titanium bar several weeks after piercing. Cristina previously had this piercing elsewhere but was unhappy that it wasn’t straight and so took it out and let it heal. Cristina was very happy with the placement and results and is happily healing now; which always makes this job an absolute pleasure.


Labret Lip


Molly’s Labret Lip Piercing



Molly’s labret piercing w/1.6mm x 10mm titanium labret bar and later changed down to an 8mm as anywhere around the lip will swell for a week or two initially. It’s always nice to meet new people and give advice to the many that ask me about getting into the professional body piercing/tattooing world. There are several routes but I always tell young people to give themselves options above anything. Generally speaking, the old school way is to get an apprenticeship which involves a lot of watching and learning over a prolonged period of time; for which do your research and find a professional and respectable studio which is willing to take you on. There are also shorter courses you can pay to go on which are great if you have a job to come out to, else it can be difficult to apply the practice which naturally comes with time; if you don’t. Unfortunately Shiva doesn’t take on apprentices as our studios are relatively small and fully staffed; however when new shop staff join there is sometimes the option to learn depending on the circumstances.



Liz’s Lip Piercing


Liz’s lip pierced originally w/1.2mm x 12mm titanium labret bar and later changed down for a 1.2mm x 8mm bar and a clear plastic ball for a more discreet appearance.






Katie’s Medusa Piercing

Always a pleasure to add to people’s piercing collections; here’s some great shots of Katie’s medusa piercing w/1.6mm x 10mm titanium labret bar. A shorter bar is fitted a couple of weeks after the initial swelling has subsided; as part of the service at Shiva.

Various Work

Piercings by El Capitan.

Various Work / Layla's Piercings

Various Work / Layla’s Piercings

Always an honour to add to Layla’s piercing collection and collect a couple of awesome shots of some work. I have pierced Layla countless times and among these photos I think the second lip piercing in on the right was the only one pierced elsewhere. This is a shot of a fresh smiley/frenulum piercing w/1.2mm x 10mm titanium CBB. Also pictured (and healed) are double nose piercings w/0.8mm x 6mm & 10mm seamless rings, septum w/1.2mm x 8mm segment ring, 1.6mm dimple piercings, two lip piercings (left and central) w/1.2mm jewellery and iridescent gemstones; with a sternum dermal just visible at the bottom of the photos.