Xenia’s Daith Piercing

Great shot of Xenia’s daith piercing, pierced w/1.2mm x 8mm titanium CBB @ Shiva.


Vertical Lip


Leah’s Vertical Lip Piercing





The lovely Leah’s vertical lip piercing with a contrasting shot of the original and shortened 1.2mm curved titanium bar. It was a pleasure to add to Leah’s collection and the new piercing works really well alongside long healed cheek piercings; pierced years ago by Kelly @ Shiva.



Kaya’s Septum Piercing



Molly’s Inner-Pinner Piercing

Awesome shot from Molly of a fresh inner-pinner/fwd-helix piercing w/1.2mm curved titanium, alongside some kool lobe work. Always a continued pleasure and an honour to be trusted among the many regulars who make doing what I do a lot of fun.





Nicole's Septum Piercing

Nicole’s Septum Piercing

Love regular clientele and have lost count how many times I’ve pierced Nicole; here’s a new sheeny shiny 1.2mm x 8mm titanium circular bar bell septum piercing. Always happy to talk placement as I get tons of requests for the septum to be pierced with the smallest ring possible. An 8mm is about as small as you’d really want to go when piercing, the CBB can also be widened to allow it to be flipped up when in need of discretion. Thanks for the shout out/shot Nicole!


Refitted w/1.2mm x 8mm goldline segment ring post-healing.


Kay's Spiderbite Piercings

Kay’s Spiderbite Piercings

Kay came in to be pierced by me for the first time, with an existing lip piercing with the wish for a spiderbite. My addition is the second inside to the lip, the longer bar; so as to allow for initial swelling. Pleasure to add to Kay’s extensive collection!

I Have A Serious Problem – Piercing #15 😂 Thank You So Much @el_capitan_body_piercer – The Most Down To Earth Body Piercer I’ve Met 💉✌🏼️


Saara's Smiley Piercing

Saara’s Smiley Piercing

Saara’s shot of her smiley piercing pierced w/1.2mm titanium CBB.

*I’d love to use all the photos people tag me in or upload to social media but there ain’t enough time in the day as it is… Feel free to send me a photo of a healed, well shot piercing and I’ll try find time to upload!*