Molly’s Inner-Pinner Piercing

Awesome shot from Molly of a fresh inner-pinner/fwd-helix piercing w/1.2mm curved titanium, alongside some kool lobe work. Always a continued pleasure and an honour to be trusted among the many regulars who make doing what I do a lot of fun.

Top Ear Cartilage & Lobe Triangle

Olly's Top Ear & Lobe Trio of Piercings

Olly’s Top Ear & Lobe 🔼 Trio of Piercings

Here’s Olly’s left ear for which his latest edition to his lobe trio🔼triangle is up top on the ear cartilage. This was recently pierced w/1.2mm x 8mm blackline titanium labret bar. His lobe work, pierced by me; features a 10mm wooden plug, a 1.2mm x 6mm labret bar in backwards (top of the trio) and a tiny 0.8mm x 6mm ring to complete the triangle. Really happy with this work, it’s simple n’ subtle, yet different n’ striking. It’s visually bold and you couldn’t meet a nicer guy.