Mirrored Madonna/Angelbites



Michael’s Angelbites & Stretched Septum Piercings


Here’s Michael’s mirrored-Madonna/Monroe piercing [left side upper lip – Michael’s right) which was a pleasure to pierce as we were creating angelbites opposite some existing piercings. We spent time on the placement and were both really happy with the results. Always a blast to add too and compliment Michael’s piercing collection; we also stretched the septum to 2mm CBB.

Re-Pierced Madonna

Re-Pierced Madonna/Monroe Piercing

Re-Pierced Madonna/Monroe Piercing

Here’s a re-pierced Madonna/Marilyn Monroe piercing. Several names, popular over the years as an alternative to penciling in a black beauty spot. Essentially a lip-piercing and so pierced w/1.6mm x 10mm to allow for initial swelling and here’s the shot a couple of weeks later when changed down for a 1.6mm x 8mm labret bar.

Additional Blackline Piercings

Blackline Bill

Blackline Bill

Bill’s a returning customer and as shown in an earlier post, I’ve pierced a fair bit of Bill w/blackline titanium. Erl, Cheeks, Angelbites, original Snakebites before stretching, Medusa before stretching and here we have added two ‘lip piercings’ the second and sixth from left to right. Bill heals real well and am honoured to add to his collection.

Various Blackline Work

Various Blackline Work - Cheeks, Angelbites, Medusa, Snakebites.

Various Blackline Work – Cheeks, Angelbites, Stretched Medusa, Stretched Snakebites.

Bill is another returning customer who I always enjoy piercing. Everything here was pierced by me at various points over the years w/1.6mm blackline titanium. In this photo the cheeks are still 1.6mm w/6mm balls, whilst the angelbites (double monroe) are 1.6mm w/5mm balls. The medusa (in the middle, under the septum) has been stretched to an 8mm plug whilst the snakebites (double lip piercings) have been stretched here to 12mm plugs. Hardcore.