El Capitan


Captain Log

This website is designed to showcase a piercing portfolio of some of my work:

El Capitan, Body Piercer.

The Captain is a play on my name and as a slant of fortune, I am a Body Piercer.

As a South London native, Greenwich isn’t new to me; but after leaving London for a while I returned and ended up at Greenwich University whereby I graduated in 2009 with a BA in Creative Writing.

After mostly working in record stores and doing some promoting as well as writing and music in my spare time at that point; I ended up working in the original Shiva in 2007.

For the first two or three years I was only working part time in the shop, as I had other things going on. Finishing my degree led to several spoken word events for which I performed, as well as writing a play and seeing it produced and realised; albeit one night only! Having been around Greenwich in general, and Shiva for a while as a piercing apprentice; it seemed a natural persuasion to start body piercing myself in 2010.


The Shiva Piercing side of things was 10 years old at the time and as I’m somewhat creative, somewhat a people person; it was an easy switch for me. I had been doing fittings for the piercers too for a while, which helped; and when asked I thought I’d give it a try. I was trained by the owner of Shiva who had over a decade of piercing experience to pass on as well as knowledge from countless other piercers and tattooists I’d met/knew over the years; and I guess as it pays the bills and I’m good at it, the rest is history.

Marking Up...

I have been piercing now myself for over ten years, and although I don’t have many photos from early on; I decided to create a gallery and a hub for some of what I do. I have pierced hundreds and thousands of people over that time, around five thousand plus at a calculated guess; so it pleases me to display some of my work.  I don’t think I’ll be doing this forever, but Greenwich will forever remain a special place in my heart; with a buzz that in some shape or form is worth capturing. Since this is what I do.

Soho is also, always a blast!

I have most recently enjoyed returning to piercing in 2020 in Soho, in the enthralling; bustling West End! It’s been fun working at Tattoo 13, a well established and vibrant studio after taking a break.

My gallery is by no means everyone I’ve ever pierced as I lost a lot of early work I did years ago and as I’ve got busier and busier each year, there is by no means the time possible for me to shoot everyone I pierce!

Over the last couple years I have made a point to try and collect a few for you to view; wish I had time to capture everyone I pierce as I meet so many amazing people, all their own story… So many characters…

Keep on, keepin’ on…

Moving forward w/Monica Vinader.

2021 has seen me headhunted and selected for a new and exciting role as the Inaugural Head Piercer at luxury jewellery co. Monica Vinader.

I am looking forward to piercing with exclusive MV fine jewellery as well as being a Piercing Consultant & Piercing Stylist.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out!

Appreciate everyone I meet and especially those I pierce!

Much love;


The Captain.



  1. Hi, thanks for the friendly and professional service in fitting my tragus bar.

  2. Thanks Captan Hook!😜
    You’re a real gentleman..see you soon!

  3. Really pleased with my tragus piercing. Professional and personable. Think I’ll be back for more!

  4. Really pleased with my tragus piercing; James is nothing but brilliant and completely put me at ease – thanks again!

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