Vertical Lip


Leah’s Vertical Lip Piercing





The lovely Leah’s vertical lip piercing with a contrasting shot of the original and shortened 1.2mm curved titanium bar. It was a pleasure to add to Leah’s collection and the new piercing works really well alongside long healed cheek piercings; pierced years ago by Kelly @ Shiva.

Various Work



Tommie’s Piercing Collection




Here’s some great shots of Tommy’s various piercings pierced by myself. Scaffold, septum, ear lobes and a vertical lip; all pierced @ Shiva. Greenwich. London. Always a continued honour and a pleasure to be trusted among the many awesome people that pass through.

Vertical Labret/Lip






Cristina’s Vertical Lip Piercing

Cristina’s vertical lip/labret piercing w/1.2mm curved titanium bar several weeks after piercing. Cristina previously had this piercing elsewhere but was unhappy that it wasn’t straight and so took it out and let it heal. Cristina was very happy with the placement and results and is happily healing now; which always makes this job an absolute pleasure.


Vertical Lip

Paris' Vertical Lip Piercing I

Paris’ Vertical Lip Piercing I

Paris' Vertical Lip Piercing II

Paris’ Vertical Lip Piercing II

Paris' Vertical Lip Piercing III

Paris’ Vertical Lip Piercing III

Paris' Vertical Lip Piercing IV

Paris’ Vertical Lip Piercing IV

Here’s a piercing I was particularly excited to get in the gallery as it’d been a while since I’d done one and I hadn’t photographed one before. It’s not something I get requested a lot @ Shiva Piercings although I’ve pierced a few over the years, but the vertical lip piercing looks awesome and here is Paris’ pierced w/1.2mm x 12mm curved titanium barbell; to allow for the initial swelling. Honoured to add to Paris’ collection and the vert-lip looks wicked underneath the septum piercing.