Double Lobe




Connie’s Double Lobe Piercings

Connie’s lobe doubled up to great effect. Simple yet striking, pierced w/1.2mm titanium labret bars – this looks great with either studs or when healed a ring to create a vertical lobe orbital. Always a pleasure, whatever the request; I always aim to provide the perfect piercing.

Various Work



Tommie’s Piercing Collection




Here’s some great shots of Tommy’s various piercings pierced by myself. Scaffold, septum, ear lobes and a vertical lip; all pierced @ Shiva. Greenwich. London. Always a continued honour and a pleasure to be trusted among the many awesome people that pass through.

Double Lobe


Isaac’s Double Lobe Piercings


Isaac’s left ear lobe pierced twice w/1.6mm titanium BCRs (Ball Closure Rings) by El Capitan @ Shiva Piercings. To my many returning clients and custom, thank you; it is always a pleasure.

Triple Clusters

Fianna's Ear / Various Work I

Fianna’s Ear / Various Work I

Fianna's Ear - Triple Lobe & Cartilage Cluster Piercings

Fianna’s Ear – Triple Lobe & Cartilage Cluster Piercings

Fianna's Triple Cluster Duo

Fianna’s Triple Cluster Duo

Always a pleasure to pierce Fianna and over time have created a duo of triple pierced clusters alongside one of her ears. Great shots and a lovely lady. Love meeting the many interesting and wonderful people, doing what I do…