MV Launch Party

Siren Star, Linear Diamond & Green Onyx
Star, Linear Diamond & Nura Pebble
Linear Diamond & Siren Star
Linear Diamond, Green Onyx & Nura Pebble
Linear Bar
Green Onyx
Green Onyx & Linear Bar
Linear Diamond & Linear Bar
Rock Crystal & Siren Star
Nura Pebbles

Here’s a few photos from the Monica Vinader, Duke of York; Ear Party Piercing Studio launch week…

Had a blast and a lot of fun finally seeing our first studio launch and meeting all the girls that came through to get pierced!

Throughout the first week we had influencers, press and staff in before going live to the public.

It’s been an honour to lead this project from the piercing side but alongside the wonderful Duke of York team, a big thanks to everyone including the wider team from start to finish, conception to launch; I feel incredibly well supported and lucky to work with so many great people! Thank you all!

Book in for a piercing now and join this Summer’s ear party!

Choose from our stunning 14kt Gold piercing collection including the Linear Bar, Alphabet Star, Nura Pebble, Siren Star Cut, Rock Crystal, Green Onyx and the Linear Diamond!


Photo Credit: Georgie Campbell & Becky Inchley.

Double Lobe




Connie’s Double Lobe Piercings

Connie’s lobe doubled up to great effect. Simple yet striking, pierced w/1.2mm titanium labret bars – this looks great with either studs or when healed a ring to create a vertical lobe orbital. Always a pleasure, whatever the request; I always aim to provide the perfect piercing.

Various Work



Tommie’s Piercing Collection




Here’s some great shots of Tommy’s various piercings pierced by myself. Scaffold, septum, ear lobes and a vertical lip; all pierced @ Shiva. Greenwich. London. Always a continued honour and a pleasure to be trusted among the many awesome people that pass through.

Double Lobe


Isaac’s Double Lobe Piercings


Isaac’s left ear lobe pierced twice w/1.6mm titanium BCRs (Ball Closure Rings) by El Capitan @ Shiva Piercings. To my many returning clients and custom, thank you; it is always a pleasure.

Triple Clusters

Fianna's Ear / Various Work I

Fianna’s Ear / Various Work I

Fianna's Ear - Triple Lobe & Cartilage Cluster Piercings

Fianna’s Ear – Triple Lobe & Cartilage Cluster Piercings

Fianna's Triple Cluster Duo

Fianna’s Triple Cluster Duo

Always a pleasure to pierce Fianna and over time have created a duo of triple pierced clusters alongside one of her ears. Great shots and a lovely lady. Love meeting the many interesting and wonderful people, doing what I do…