Double Lobe




Connie’s Double Lobe Piercings

Connie’s lobe doubled up to great effect. Simple yet striking, pierced w/1.2mm titanium labret bars – this looks great with either studs or when healed a ring to create a vertical lobe orbital. Always a pleasure, whatever the request; I always aim to provide the perfect piercing.


Sam's Lobe Piercings

Sam’s Lobe Piercings

Lobes II

Sam’s lobes look awesome here w/1.2mm BCRs. The first set (both ears) are healed and been fitted with bigger rings while the second set are fresh. I rarely pierce with rings (certain piercings but 90% bars/curved bars) due to healing but as everyone is different and when I can trust n’ see a client has looked after/healed well, then am more than happy to see what works. Always a pleasure, meeting so many kool people doing what I do… Both lobes, both sides pierced by me.

Lobe Piercing

Louie's Ear Lobe Piercing

Louie’s Ear Lobe Piercing

“Louie’s ear piercing today… The old way!” #Shiva #ElCapitan #BodyPiercer #EarPiercing

Love meeting the many great people that I do, doing what I do…

Pierced Louie’s ear lobe with a needle and a 1.6mm x 8mm blackline titanium labret bar; fitted backwards to look like a mini-stretched lobe.

Photos courtesy of Louie’s dad Jay. Little fella sat like a Champ!