Alice’s Navel Piercing

Alice had previously had her navel pierced with a piercing gun, which is extremely dangerous and unprofessional. Luckily she’d removed the piercing within the first few weeks and the damage wasn’t so severe. Was more than happy to pierce Alice in the proper, safe and professional manner; w/1.6mm x 12mm curved titanium anodised blue navel bar.


Nose I

Keendra's Nose Piercing

Keendra’s Nose Piercing

Nose III

Keendra has previously had her nose pierced with a gun elsewhere but removed the jewellery due to complications with the healing. This is nothing new and something I encounter over and over (the years) daily due to the jokers n’ hoaxers of the piercing world. Never let anyone pierce any part of you body with a piercing gun with the exception of ear lobes. Keendra’s new nose piercing w/clear gem stone titanium corkscrew stud, looks awesome and hopefully heals without the problems of prior gun piercing. #NeedleOnly #NeedlePiercing #UseGoogle

Lobe Piercing

Louie's Ear Lobe Piercing

Louie’s Ear Lobe Piercing

“Louie’s ear piercing today… The old way!” #Shiva #ElCapitan #BodyPiercer #EarPiercing

Love meeting the many great people that I do, doing what I do…

Pierced Louie’s ear lobe with a needle and a 1.6mm x 8mm blackline titanium labret bar; fitted backwards to look like a mini-stretched lobe.

Photos courtesy of Louie’s dad Jay. Little fella sat like a Champ!