Vertical Lip

Paris' Vertical Lip Piercing I

Paris’ Vertical Lip Piercing I

Paris' Vertical Lip Piercing II

Paris’ Vertical Lip Piercing II

Paris' Vertical Lip Piercing III

Paris’ Vertical Lip Piercing III

Paris' Vertical Lip Piercing IV

Paris’ Vertical Lip Piercing IV

Here’s a piercing I was particularly excited to get in the gallery as it’d been a while since I’d done one and I hadn’t photographed one before. It’s not something I get requested a lot @ Shiva Piercings although I’ve pierced a few over the years, but the vertical lip piercing looks awesome and here is Paris’ pierced w/1.2mm x 12mm curved titanium barbell; to allow for the initial swelling. Honoured to add to Paris’ collection and the vert-lip looks wicked underneath the septum piercing.

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