Katie’s Medusa Piercing

Always a pleasure to add to people’s piercing collections; here’s some great shots of Katie’s medusa piercing w/1.6mm x 10mm titanium labret bar. A shorter bar is fitted a couple of weeks after the initial swelling has subsided; as part of the service at Shiva.


Viviene's Lip Piercing

Viviene’s Lip Piercing

V's Labret (Central Lip) Piercing

V’s Labret (Central Lip) Piercing

I’ve known the wonderful Viviene since way back when, I originally started at Shiva; before piercing. Was an absolute pleasure to pierce this amazing lady again, V’s central lip (labret) piercing w/1.6mm x 10mm blackline titanium and a clear gem stone for that shimmering shine. Nothing better than the regular wanderers wondering ’round Greenwich, one of many I feel honored to have connected with over the years.