Various Work


Jasmine’s Scaffold Piercing








Jasmine’s Double Nose & Septum Piercings

Various work on Jasmine… Healed septum, second lobes and a healing left side of the nose. The additional work here is a scaffold and right side of the nose to double up. Pierced over a course of time @ Shiva. Thank you for the continued trust, in doing what I do.

Double Nose



Dylan’s Double Nose Piercings





Always a pleasure to add to my man Dylan’s piercing collection… started piercing Dylan way back when several years ago n’ it’s been a total blast to then work together the last 3 years @ Shiva. Here’s Dyl’s fresh to death double nose piercings with a longtime healed septum. Thank you for being you dude! You keep it zen! Happy 420 to my people South East n’ everyone else wit’ a free mind, worldwide… Keep on, keepin’ on…


Double Nose





Anna’s Double Nose Piercings

Anna’s healed double nose piercings, pierced I believe three months apart and fully healed inside six/seven months. Both pierced w/titanium curved j-claw bar/studs. Love it when customers and clients heal super quick – as generally speaking I say three months is fast, six months more common and twelve months if you have problems/slow healing. These look awesome alongside a 6mm segment ring fitted in Anna’s septum (not pierced by me) and a continued thank you to the many lovely people who trust in me when adding to their piercing collection.


Double Nose


Tosin’s Double Nose Piercings



Double Nose Piercings by El Capitan

Have pierced the lovely Tosin a few times over the years and here’s some great shots of her healed double nose piercings refitted w/0.8mm gold and black contrasting rings. It’s a continued pleasure to meet and pierce so many wonderful people, all with their own story to tell… I feel blessed, to hear so many of them.

Various Work

Piercings by El Capitan.

Various Work / Layla's Piercings

Various Work / Layla’s Piercings

Always an honour to add to Layla’s piercing collection and collect a couple of awesome shots of some work. I have pierced Layla countless times and among these photos I think the second lip piercing in on the right was the only one pierced elsewhere. This is a shot of a fresh smiley/frenulum piercing w/1.2mm x 10mm titanium CBB. Also pictured (and healed) are double nose piercings w/0.8mm x 6mm & 10mm seamless rings, septum w/1.2mm x 8mm segment ring, 1.6mm dimple piercings, two lip piercings (left and central) w/1.2mm jewellery and iridescent gemstones; with a sternum dermal just visible at the bottom of the photos.

Double Piercings

Meg's Nose & Septum Double Piercings

Meg’s Nose & Septum Double Piercings

Meg's Double Piercings

Meg’s Double Piercings

Meg had her nose pierced on one side but got double piercings to mirror the nostril and add a septum. Thanks for the great shots and kind words!

“Addicted? Psshhh… Shut up!

It finally happened @el_capitan_body_piercer you are amazing and I thank you for your time and effort.”

Double Nose

Layla's Nose Piercings

Layla’s Nose Piercings

I’d pierced Layla’s nose a couple years back and she had since switched to a 10mm ring. Layla wanted a second nose piercing, so we switched the 10mm ring down to a 0.8mm x 6mm seamless ring and pierced behind the initial (healed) piercing w/titanium clear gem stone j-claw stud. This matches the current cheek dimples stone wise, and when the nose has healed; either an 8/10mm ring will look awesome alongside to create a pair.

Double Nose

Megan's Double Nose Piercings

Megan’s Double Nose Piercings

Megan’s second nose piercing, to make double nose piercings; both pierced by me w/titanium nose studs. I’ve pierced Megan a few times and truly love all my returning customers and clientele; as in doing so you give me the greatest compliment. Thank you.

Double Nose Piercings

Double Nose Piercings

Double Nose Piercings

This returning customer had both sides of her nose pierced at the same time. Always fun, always a pleasure and two at once is a slight challenge; but like all piercings it’s within the marking up. I also changed the septum ring although that was not pierced by me. Both nose studs on the outside of either nostril, were pierced by myself.