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117 Bellegrove Road. Bexley. Welling. DA16 3QS.

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Labret Lip


Molly’s Labret Lip Piercing



Molly’s labret piercing w/1.6mm x 10mm titanium labret bar and later changed down to an 8mm as anywhere around the lip will swell for a week or two initially. It’s always nice to meet new people and give advice to the many that ask me about getting into the professional body piercing/tattooing world. There are several routes but I always tell young people to give themselves options above anything. Generally speaking, the old school way is to get an apprenticeship which involves a lot of watching and learning over a prolonged period of time; for which do your research and find a professional and respectable studio which is willing to take you on. There are also shorter courses you can pay to go on which are great if you have a job to come out to, else it can be difficult to apply the practice which naturally comes with time; if you don’t. Unfortunately Shiva doesn’t take on apprentices as our studios are relatively small and fully staffed; however when new shop staff join there is sometimes the option to learn depending on the circumstances.