Alastair's Erl

Alastair’s Erl

Alastair's Bridge Piercing

Alastair’s Bridge Piercing

Alastair’s erl/bridge piercing, as requested w/1.6mm PTFE plastic and 3mm titanium balls. I usually pierce an earl with a titanium straight bar but Alastair knew a bit about piercing and asked for PTFE, as it’s known to be better healing wise for surface piercings. I always use PTFE with surface piercings but am always happy to talk different options with clients. Great shots and a fun piercing!


Charmaine's Earl Piercing

Charmaine’s Earl Piercing I

Charmaine's Earl Piercing II

Charmaine’s Earl Piercing II

I’ve know Charmaine through passing over the years and was more than happy to pierce her earl/erl/bridge w/1.2mm x 12mm bar. I usually pierce with 1.6mm as these swell, but as was requested, was more than happy to; and the end result alongside Charmaine’s lip piercings looks sweet. Was a pleasure and again, I love meeting and talking to amazing people; each and e’eryday!