Alastair's Erl

Alastair’s Erl

Alastair's Bridge Piercing

Alastair’s Bridge Piercing

Alastair’s erl/bridge piercing, as requested w/1.6mm PTFE plastic and 3mm titanium balls. I usually pierce an earl with a titanium straight bar but Alastair knew a bit about piercing and asked for PTFE, as it’s known to be better healing wise for surface piercings. I always use PTFE with surface piercings but am always happy to talk different options with clients. Great shots and a fun piercing!

Sternam Surface

Adamna's Sternam Surface Piercing I

Adamna’s Sternam Surface Piercing I

Adamna's Sternum Surface II

Adamna’s Sternum Surface II

Here’s Adamna’s sternam surface piercing about a week after it was pierced. Originally w/1.6mm PTFE for flexibility and 6mm titanium balls, it’s still got some initial swelling but we cut down the bar length and switched it up to white disco balls. Looks awesome and was a pleasure to meet another kool customer.

Surface Piercing

Chest Surface Piercing

Marie’s Chest Surface Piercing

Surface piercing w/1.6mm PTFE & 5mm titanium balls, unfortunately it rejected within six months so we agreed to do something else; at a later date. Surface piercings and piercings in general, can reject or migrate but I am only too happy to consult before hand.

The Ashleigh Piercing

The Ashley Piercing ~ Inverse Vertical Lip.

The Ashley Piercing ~ Inverse Vertical Lip.

The Ashley/Ashleigh piercing is an inverse vertical lip. I’ve pierced countless lips and several vertical lips, but this was my first and only request for the Ashley. The needle goes through your actual lip and with this we used PTFE plastic due to heavy swelling for the first few days. Once it settled down I think Lisa later changed it for a metal bar. It looks killer and I imagine pretty painful. Very proud of this piece.

Nape two years on…

Nape Surface Piercing, a couple of years on...

Nape Surface Piercing, a couple of years on…

Here’s a nape surface piercing a couple of years after it was pierced. The customer had recently caught it thus the sore right side, but overall hadn’t had any problems past first six months or so of healing. We put longer PTFE back in due to her catching it, adding white disco balls.

Nape Surface Piercings

Nape Surface Piercing

Nape Surface Piercing

Nape Surface Piercing Flush

Nape Surface Piercing Flush

Here are a couple of surface piercings on the nape of the neck. I always pierce these with 1.6mm PTFE plastic w/titanium balls to allow flexibility and initial comfort for the inevitable swelling. A few weeks after your pierced, maybe a month or so depending on your own healing process; return to the studio and I’ll trim/cut the plastic bar down flush. You can also change the heads or balls, though I recommend a 4/5mm ball minimum for the first few months.

Surface Piercing w/PTFE

A hip/waist Surface Piercing w/PTFE

A hip/waist Surface Piercing w/PTFE

Here’s an early surface piercing on the hip/waist. Note, for all surface piercings I only pierce with PTFE plastic, so to allow room for swelling due to the bar being flexible, more comfortable and in general gives it a better chance of healing. One it’s healed, return to trim the plastic down and in some cases (areas of the body) you can change to a metal bar. However it has to be said, surface piercings in general do have a high rejection rate and can naturally migrate. Depends on the body part, depends on the individual, depends on if you look after it.

Custom Work (Tragus to Rim/Industrial Effect w/PTFE)

Industrial Tragus Custom Work w/PTFE.

Industrial Tragus Custom Work w/PTFE.

As this was custom work we had to wait and see the results of healing as any Industrial/Scaffold piercing can take it’s time. However in this case the bar was starting to grow outwards from the tragus, so here is a photo reworked with 1.6mm PTFE plastic. We also changed the balls to plastic to make the jewellery overall more lighter to give it a better chance to heal. Notice the considerable swelling, have to say this client was brilliant and I am only more than happy to try something piercing wise that is a challenge.