Nape Surface






Tony’s Nape Surface Piercing

Tony’s nape surface piercing pierced w/1.6mm titanium staple-surface bar and 5mm suncoat/goldline balls. Always a pleasure and an honour for the continued trust among the many people I meet, doing what I do.

Nape Dermals






Dean’s Micro-Dermal Nape Piercings

Here’s some great shots of Dean’s micro-dermal nape piercings w/4mm high polished titanium discs. Always a pleasure and an honour for the continued trust.

Sternum Dermal



Ola’s Sternum Dermal

The lovely Ola’s sternum microdermal anchor w/4mm iridescent gemstone.

Wrist Dermals



Megan’s Wrist Microdermal Anchor Surface Piercings



Some awesome contrasting shots of Megan’s double microdermal anchors w/5mm turquoise gem stones, alongside the wrist and forearm vertically.

Re-Worked Surface

Nandi's Re-worked Sternum Surface Piercing

Nandi’s Re-worked Sternum Surface Piercing

Nandi came in with a healed surface piercing on her chest, she had taken out due to it not being pierced (elsewhere) straight. I re-pierced Nandi fresh, straight and w/1,6mm PTFE and white disco balls.

Navel Surface

Surface Navel

 Gemma’s Surface Navel

Here’s Gemma’s inverted navel surface piercing (the lower of the two) pierced w/1.6mm x 20ish’mm PTFE plastic to allow for the initial weeks swelling. Was later cut down flusher, after healing w/ 1.6mm threaded 4mm balls. The traditional belly button piercing, was not pierced by me. A traditional navel piercing is one of the safest piercings regarding catching it and with regards to healing. Like all surface and microdermal piercings, extra care is required with what will usually be a longer healing process.

Nape two years on…

Nape Surface Piercing, a couple of years on...

Nape Surface Piercing, a couple of years on…

Here’s a nape surface piercing a couple of years after it was pierced. The customer had recently caught it thus the sore right side, but overall hadn’t had any problems past first six months or so of healing. We put longer PTFE back in due to her catching it, adding white disco balls.

Surface Piercing w/PTFE

A hip/waist Surface Piercing w/PTFE

A hip/waist Surface Piercing w/PTFE

Here’s an early surface piercing on the hip/waist. Note, for all surface piercings I only pierce with PTFE plastic, so to allow room for swelling due to the bar being flexible, more comfortable and in general gives it a better chance of healing. One it’s healed, return to trim the plastic down and in some cases (areas of the body) you can change to a metal bar. However it has to be said, surface piercings in general do have a high rejection rate and can naturally migrate. Depends on the body part, depends on the individual, depends on if you look after it.