Nape Surface






Tony’s Nape Surface Piercing

Tony’s nape surface piercing pierced w/1.6mm titanium staple-surface bar and 5mm suncoat/goldline balls. Always a pleasure and an honour for the continued trust among the many people I meet, doing what I do.

Nape Dermal




Rayne’s Nape Dermal Piercing


Some great shots of Rayne’s nape micro dermal piercing w/high polished titanium implant grade anchor and a 4mm disc. Always a continued pleasure meeting so many kool people doing what I do.



Nape Surface

Nape Surface Piercing

Nape Surface Piercing

This guy had his neck pierced like three times before in various countries with a metal straight bar and staple bars; which either grew out or got caught, giving him problems. Up on being back in London, he wanted to get it redone and was really happy with the results of being pierced with PTFE; as have many I’ve met before who have switched. This photo was taken three or four weeks after, when the bar had been clipped down flush. Really happy that this guy finally got the piercing he’d always wanted.

⚡ Double Piercings Scaffold & Nape Surface ⚡

Marie's Scaffold Piercing I

Marie’s Scaffold Piercing I

Marie's Scaffold II

Marie’s Scaffold II & Nape Surface

Marie's Scaffold Piercing III

Marie’s Scaffold Piercing III

Marie’s scaffold piercing w/1.6mm x 38mm titanium bar. I like the second picture because you can see both piercings.


Marie's Nape Surface Piercing I

Marie’s Nape Surface Piercing I

Marie's Nape Surface Piercing II

Marie’s Nape Surface Piercing II

Marie's Nape Surface Piercing III

Marie’s Nape Surface Piercing III

Nape surface piercing w/1.6mm PTFE & 5mm titanium balls. The clamp has definitely left it’s mark, as has El Capitan!

Two piercings at once is pretty tough, especially when it’s a scaffold and a surface; they look really good though.