Re-Worked Surface

Nandi's Re-worked Sternum Surface Piercing

Nandi’s Re-worked Sternum Surface Piercing

Nandi came in with a healed surface piercing on her chest, she had taken out due to it not being pierced (elsewhere) straight. I re-pierced Nandi fresh, straight and w/1,6mm PTFE and white disco balls.

Sternam Surface

Adamna's Sternam Surface Piercing I

Adamna’s Sternam Surface Piercing I

Adamna's Sternum Surface II

Adamna’s Sternum Surface II

Here’s Adamna’s sternam surface piercing about a week after it was pierced. Originally w/1.6mm PTFE for flexibility and 6mm titanium balls, it’s still got some initial swelling but we cut down the bar length and switched it up to white disco balls. Looks awesome and was a pleasure to meet another kool customer.

Nape two years on…

Nape Surface Piercing, a couple of years on...

Nape Surface Piercing, a couple of years on…

Here’s a nape surface piercing a couple of years after it was pierced. The customer had recently caught it thus the sore right side, but overall hadn’t had any problems past first six months or so of healing. We put longer PTFE back in due to her catching it, adding white disco balls.