Alicia’s Conch Piercing

Here’s a couple of sweet shots of Alicia’s healed conch piercing w/1.6mm BCR refitted. This looks awesome although I only recommend fitting a ring when fully healed and love it when my customers and clients do so.


Caroline's Septum Piercing

Caroline’s Septum Piercing

Septum II

Caroline’s healed septum piercing switched to a 1.2mm x 10mm BCR (Ball Closure Ring.) Whilst the CBB is perfect for being able to flip, a BCR or full segment ring is better balanced to sit straight n’ on point! 👌🏼

Colourful Change…

Custom Piercing w/Colourful BCR.

Custom Piercing w/Colourful BCR.

Here’s another photo of the customer who had the double piercing w/BCR. Changed the standard titanium one for a more colourful look! I was really happy with this piercing and have done a few more, though still prefer to use bars when piercing. This customer goes to show though, that if you look after a piercing; it should heal fine. I usually recommend at least 2-3 months minimum with regards to changing jewellery from when you were pierced, but it depends and some piercings/people can take longer.

Custom Work w/BCR

Custom Work: Double Cartilage Piercing w/BCR.

Custom Work: Double Cartilage Piercing w/BCR.

This was the first (2011) and rare a time I do this. Usually I would recommend bars only and in some cases, one piercing at a time for some people; but this was two piercings done at the same time and fitted with a BCR (Ball Closure Ring) It’s kind of hard to do because if you don’t get your measurements right, it can warp/stress the ear and inevitably get infected/never heal. This was however perfect and healed accordingly.