Helix Trio Triangle






Romi’s Triple Helix Piercings

The lovely Romi’s triple pierced helix trio, top-ear triple triangular cluster; pierced w/1.2mm titanium labret bars and crystal clear gemstone heads.

Black & Gold Never Gets Old…

Blackline Titanium & Sun-Coat/Kissed Titanium

Blackline Titanium & Sun-Coat/Kissed Titanium

We sell a wide range of jewellery @ Shiva and I’m more than happy to pierce w/blackline or sun-coat gold titanium, as modeled by Kelly; who has various ear piercings pierced by myself.

Colourful Change…

Custom Piercing w/Colourful BCR.

Custom Piercing w/Colourful BCR.

Here’s another photo of the customer who had the double piercing w/BCR. Changed the standard titanium one for a more colourful look! I was really happy with this piercing and have done a few more, though still prefer to use bars when piercing. This customer goes to show though, that if you look after a piercing; it should heal fine. I usually recommend at least 2-3 months minimum with regards to changing jewellery from when you were pierced, but it depends and some piercings/people can take longer.

Trio 3D

All three of Chris’ awesome piercings were done by myself. Tragus, Lower Cartilage and a 10mm Stretch.