Rook & Anti-Tragus




Poppy’s Rook & Anti-Tragus Piercings

Poppy’s healed rook piercing w/1.2mm x 6mm segment ring and a fresh anti-tragus w/1.2mm x 10mm titanium curved bar to allow for the initial swelling. Always a pleasure and as ever, pierced @ Shiva.

Various Ear Work


Kyra’s Double Anti-Tragus & Rook Piercings


Kyra’s Helix & Rook Piercings

Various ear piercings on the lovely Kyra over time. On the right ear, second lobe and top ear/helix both w/1.2mm goldline bars and a 1.2mm x 8mm goldline segment ring in the rook. On Kyra’s left ear is another 1.2mm goldline segment ring and two 1.2mm x 10mm curved goldline titanium bars, in the double anti-tragus. Continued pleasure meeting so many wonderful people and working on projects over a length of time.

Anti-Tragus & Double Helix

Steph's Anti-Tragus Piercing

Steph’s Anti-Tragus Piercing

Double Helix I

Double Helix II

Steph's Double Helix Piercings

Steph’s Double Helix Piercings

Triple piercings for the lovely Steph… anti-tragus w/1.2mm x 10mm curved titanium bar on the right ear, whilst double helix piercings w/1.2mm x 10mm titanium bars on the left ear. Pleasure to meet so many sweet people this Summer.

Snug & Anti-Tragus

Rachel's Snug Drift Piercing

Rachel’s Snug Drift Piercing

Snug II

Rachel's Anti-Tragus Piercing

Rachel’s Anti-Tragus Piercing

Anti-Tragus II

Double piercings for the lovely Rachel, a snug drift on the right ear and the anti-tragus on the left; both w/1.2mm curved titanium bars.

Various Ear Work

Lois' Rook & Tragus Piercings

Lois’ Rook & Tragus Piercings

Lois' Inner-Pinner & Anti-Tragus Piercings

Lois’ Inner-Pinner & Anti-Tragus Piercings

Lois’ healed tragus and rook piercings, pierced a year prior with new additional inner-pinner/forward-helix and anti-tragus piercings w/1.2mm titanium curved bars. The healed tragus has been switched up to a 1.2mm segment ring. It’s a pleasure to meet the many wonderful customers/clients who enjoy coming to El Capitan for their body piercing.

Black & Gold Never Gets Old…

Blackline Titanium & Sun-Coat/Kissed Titanium

Blackline Titanium & Sun-Coat/Kissed Titanium

We sell a wide range of jewellery @ Shiva and I’m more than happy to pierce w/blackline or sun-coat gold titanium, as modeled by Kelly; who has various ear piercings pierced by myself.

Kelly’s Blackline Assortment

Kelly's collection on her left ear...

Kelly’s collection on her left ear…

Kelly @ left ear, most of the work done here by myself. I thiiink the anti-tragus, conch, top ear possibly and the lower two, lower cartilage and the middle one closest to the lobe were all pierced by me. The middle one of the lowest three, a lobe drift I guess; was the very first piercing in the new Shiva piercing studio. 330-332 Creek Road, Greenwich, London, SE10 9SW. Our grand opening was on Sunday, January 26th. It was fitting for the first piercing to be an addition to Kelly’s collection, Miss pierces @ Shiva on Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 10-6.

Partial Ear Work…

Collection of Piercings, various from me being  Anti-Tragus, Snug & Top-Ear...

Collection of Piercings, various from me being Anti-Tragus, Snug & Top-Ear…

Here is a collection of piercings from a repeat customer, Dean; although not all of them pierced by me. My work here is the Anti-Tragus, Snug and Top-Ear/Rim Cartilage. Returning clientele is always a good sign for bidniz. All the piercings here are with 1.2mm jewelery.