Triple Helix



Megan’s Triple Helix Piercings


Megan’s triple helix piercings, pierced w/1.2mm titanium labret bars @ Shiva.

Helix Trio Triangle






Romi’s Triple Helix Piercings

The lovely Romi’s triple pierced helix trio, top-ear triple triangular cluster; pierced w/1.2mm titanium labret bars and crystal clear gemstone heads.

Triple Fwd-Helix






Chloe’s Triple Fwd-Helix Piercings

The lovely Chloe’s triple inner-pinner/fwd-helix piercings, pierced over the course of around 6 months and finally fully healed and refitted with new jewellery around 9-10 months from the first piercing. Chloe is a slower healer and had experienced some difficulties, pierced with labret bars, we switched to curved bars and here we have switched the two lower bars to 6mm 1.2mm labret bars whilst the highest (thickest) part of the ear has an 8mm. Really happy to see a patient and persistent client understand the sometimes lengthily path to fully healing.


Triple Helix






The lovely Chloe’s triple helix piercings all pierced w/1.2mm x 8mm titanium labret bars. The top two are around 2-3 months into healing whilst the third/lowest has just been added at the time of the pictures. Always a pleasure to meet so many wonderful people and we were both real happy with how this classy triple cluster turned out.


Triple Dermals






Stephanie’s Triple Micro Dermal Piercings

Difficult to photograph entirely, here’s a few shots of the lovely Stephanie’s triple micro dermal anchor surface piercings; each adorning parts of a sentimental flower on an existing forearm tattoo. It was an absolute pleasure, pierced w/4mm turquoise gemstones.

Anti-Tragus & Double Helix

Steph's Anti-Tragus Piercing

Steph’s Anti-Tragus Piercing

Double Helix I

Double Helix II

Steph's Double Helix Piercings

Steph’s Double Helix Piercings

Triple piercings for the lovely Steph… anti-tragus w/1.2mm x 10mm curved titanium bar on the right ear, whilst double helix piercings w/1.2mm x 10mm titanium bars on the left ear. Pleasure to meet so many sweet people this Summer.

Tragus & Third Lobes…

Rachel's Tragus & Third Lobe Piercings

Rachel’s Tragus & Third Lobe Piercings

After piercing the lovely Rachel (my dentist) a few weeks earlier, she returned for a tragus piercing and a third piercing on both lobes. Pierced w/1.2mm titanium and clear gem stone balls. The piercing throne and the dentists chair, are pretty similar; gentle and professional!

Triple Piercings

Top Ear Cartilage, Second & Third Lobe Piercings

Top Ear Cartilage, Second & Third Lobe Piercings

The top ear was pierced w/1.2mm x 8mm titanium bar, with needle; whilst the second and third ear lobe piercings I did with the gun. We offer the piercing gun for ear lobes only @ Shiva Piercings. Anywhere else regardless be it the ear or any other body part, should be needle only pierced.

Scaffold & Both Ear Lobes

Scaffold Piercing & Right Side Lobe Piercing

Scaffold Piercing & Right Side Lobe Piercing

Left Side Lobe Piercing

Left Side Lobe Piercing

Triple, or even Quadruple piercings at once, w/Scaffold 1.6mm & Both Lobes w/1.2mm titanium bars.