Various Ear Work


Clara’s Tragus & Double Helix Piercings


Clara’s Inner-Pinner, Helix & Lobe Piercings

Various work on the lovely Clara, over time. On the left ear, a freshly pierced tragus w/1.2mm x 8mm titanium labret bar. Two healed double helix, top of the ear; the top with a 1.2mm micro bar and the lower with a 1.2mm x 8mm CBB. On Clara’s right ear is a freshly pierced inner-pinner/fwd-helix w/1.2mm x 8mm curved bar. There is also a healing helix and I’m pretty sure I pierced some of the lobes, seconds, thirds and fourth maybe. Always appreciate regular clientele and custom; meeting so many kool people adds to making what I do really enjoyable.

Various Needle Work…

Layla's Septum, Cheeks, Dermal & Lip Piercings

Layla’s Septum, Cheeks, Dermal & Lip Piercings

Cheeky Rings

Cheeky Rings

Layla's Piercings by El Capitan

Layla’s Piercings by El Capitan

Alongside a healing septum piercing, same day I did the vertical scaffold on Layla, I also switched up her cheek piercings for killer 1.6mm segment rings.

Rook & Conch

Krista's Rook & Conch Double Piercings

Krista’s Rook & Conch Double Piercings

Rook & Conch II

Krista's Rook & Conch Double Piercings

Krista’s Rook & Conch Double Piercings

Here’s a pair of fresh piercings on Krista, rook and conch. Rook pierced w/1.2mm x 8mm curved titanium bar whilst the conch w/1.6mm x 12mm. Also believe I pierced the second lobes. Love all my returning customers.

Double Piercings >> Septum & Lip

Dan's Septum & Lip Piercings

Dan’s Septum & Lip Piercings

Dan and Claire both came back looking to get a couple of piercings each. Dan got his septum done w/1.2mm x 10mm CBB and wanted to get Spiderbites. We decided on one lip piercing due to swelling and the stress of healing three piercings at once. The first half of the bite, was done w/1.6mm x 10mm titanium labret bar w/plans for a second to the left of the present one at a later date. Big love and thanks to those customers who continue to return over and over again through the years…

Nose, Lip & Smiley

Izzy's Smiley

Izzy’s Smiley

Izzy’s smiley w/1.2mm x 8mm titanium CBB had just been done here. The lip and nose were also pierced by me, though long well healed and thus been changed to rings. Continual and happy cutomer @ Shiva Piercings.

Partial Ear Work…

Collection of Piercings, various from me being  Anti-Tragus, Snug & Top-Ear...

Collection of Piercings, various from me being Anti-Tragus, Snug & Top-Ear…

Here is a collection of piercings from a repeat customer, Dean; although not all of them pierced by me. My work here is the Anti-Tragus, Snug and Top-Ear/Rim Cartilage. Returning clientele is always a good sign for bidniz. All the piercings here are with 1.2mm jewelery.