Body Piercing

Second (of lower three) Lobe Drift Piercing

Second (of lower three) Lobe Drift Piercing

That time when I pierced Kelly (yet again) a lobe drift in blackline titanium. The first piercing, in the new Shiva Piercing Studio; January 2014.

Kelly’s Blackline Assortment

Kelly's collection on her left ear...

Kelly’s collection on her left ear…

Kelly @ left ear, most of the work done here by myself. I thiiink the anti-tragus, conch, top ear possibly and the lower two, lower cartilage and the middle one closest to the lobe were all pierced by me. The middle one of the lowest three, a lobe drift I guess; was the very first piercing in the new Shiva piercing studio. 330-332 Creek Road, Greenwich, London, SE10 9SW. Our grand opening was on Sunday, January 26th. It was fitting for the first piercing to be an addition to Kelly’s collection, Miss pierces @ Shiva on Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 10-6.