Daith & Helix



Linda’s Daith & Helix Piercings

Linda’s daith piercing originally pierced w/1.2mm x 8mm titanium CBB and later changed to a 1.2mm curved bar w/internally threaded purple opal stones. A helix/top-ear piercing was also added w/1.2mm x 8mm titanium labret bar. Both Linda and her daughter Eve got the daith piercings over six months ago after hearing about the migraine hype… With this wave of migraine theory, I have tried to keep tabs on my clients and others that I meet to gauge an average for if this particular piercing actually helps. To all those interested in the idea, I would honestly say it is 50/50 i.e. 5/10 people tell me they are ‘cured’ or ‘relieved’ whilst for some, it does not have any affect at all. There are so many variables that it is difficult to be accurate and I couldn’t generally say it works, however both Linda and Eve eventually had positive results. It’s an absolute genuine pleasure to say that Linda had instant migraine relief, whilst initially Eve didn’t notice much difference within the first 2-3 months. However, three months in and Eve hasn’t had a migraine in three or four months now. These two lovely ladies are a great illustration to show how in certain cases there can be an immediate effect whilst for some people it can take a duration of time to fully heal; hopefully finding pain relief later on down the line. I love doing what I do and meeting the many wonderful people along the way; the daith piercing has easily become a firm favourite of mine and words alone can’t express how incredible it feels to help someone take out a headache.

Double Daith




Joel’s Daith Piercings

Joel’s another awesome guy that requested a double daith piercing due to persistent chronic migraines. I was more than happy to help, piercing Joel with a pair of 1.2mm titanium CBBs. Joel said he felt some instant relief after the piercing which is positive although I cannot speculate that this either cures or soothes migraines. I did say to Joel, if he does have a migraine or headache, to perhaps clean the piercing/jewellery and see if that pressure from moving the jewellery stimulates the apparent trigger point. I really, genuinely hope that this is something that can work and I will keep track with my people to see how healing and results occur over time.




Lorelle’s Daith Piercing

The lovely Lorelle was actually the first customer to directly contact me regarding the daith piercing and the apparent wave of ‘information’ claiming this a cure for migraines. I was in wonder, delighted to assist Lorelle with what for me is a simple request; with effectively a greater meaning than just the aesthetic. I have researched the subject since this piercing and even spoke to an acupuncture specialist who admitted she didn’t know of this craze. I have to say that to find a specific point, means that working in millimeters you could be ever so slightly out, if there is indeed an exact pressure point. I specialize precision piercing wise on being exactly accurate to what my client or customer wishes/works (body wise.) Daith’s can be pierced badly, either too deep or too shallow which can result in excessive/persistent swelling (i.e. not healing) for the former; or straight-up rejecting in cases of the latter. I pierce a daith with a titanium CBB so as to allow room for swelling and jewellery you can maneuver easily when cleaning. If the heavy metal look isn’t you, I can fit a micro-curved bar when fully healed, internally threaded jewellery is an option for a discreeter look alongside clear bioflex retainers. I have to state Lorelle noticed some instant relief and contacted me a couple of weeks after and stated she hadn’t had a migraine since. However, these can take from 6-12 months to fully heal and I will be keeping up with clients in the hope that this “craze” does indeed work, but would strongly refrain from endorsing it so to speak; as everyone is an individual and indeed different. One thing I’ve said lately is that if you suffer from migraines and are considering the daith piercing option, pinch your daith at a time when you are suffering; to maybe gauge an indication as to if this could perhaps work for you.