Lorelle’s Daith Piercing

The lovely Lorelle was actually the first customer to directly contact me regarding the daith piercing and the apparent wave of ‘information’ claiming this a cure for migraines. I was in wonder, delighted to assist Lorelle with what for me is a simple request; with effectively a greater meaning than just the aesthetic. I have researched the subject since this piercing and even spoke to an acupuncture specialist who admitted she didn’t know of this craze. I have to say that to find a specific point, means that working in millimeters you could be ever so slightly out, if there is indeed an exact pressure point. I specialize precision piercing wise on being exactly accurate to what my client or customer wishes/works (body wise.) Daith’s can be pierced badly, either too deep or too shallow which can result in excessive/persistent swelling (i.e. not healing) for the former; or straight-up rejecting in cases of the latter. I pierce a daith with a titanium CBB so as to allow room for swelling and jewellery you can maneuver easily when cleaning. If the heavy metal look isn’t you, I can fit a micro-curved bar when fully healed, internally threaded jewellery is an option for a discreeter look alongside clear bioflex retainers. I have to state Lorelle noticed some instant relief and contacted me a couple of weeks after and stated she hadn’t had a migraine since. However, these can take from 6-12 months to fully heal and I will be keeping up with clients in the hope that this “craze” does indeed work, but would strongly refrain from endorsing it so to speak; as everyone is an individual and indeed different. One thing I’ve said lately is that if you suffer from migraines and are considering the daith piercing option, pinch your daith at a time when you are suffering; to maybe gauge an indication as to if this could perhaps work for you.

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