Double Helix



Hannah’s Various Helix Piercings

Always a pleasure to pierce the many regulars @ Shiva, here’s Hannah’s various ear work. A healed top-ear/helix w/0.8mm x 8mm seamless (continuous) stainless steel ring and a couple of fresh double helix piercings w/1.2mm x 8mm titanium bars. Also a couple of awesome contrasting shots of Hannah’s ‘ghost’ plug which I think is currently 14mm.

Double Helix



Viviana’s Double Helix Piercings

Here’s a few shots of Viviana’s double top-ear/helix piercings w/1.2mm x 10mm titanium labret bars.


Tragus & Helix


Aileen’s Tragus & Helix Piercings

Aileen’s tragus and top-ear/helix double piercings w/1.2mm titanium labret bars pierced by El Capitan @ Shiva Piercings.

Ear Rim Wrap

Ellie's Ear Rim Wrap Collection of Piercings

Ellie’s Ear Rim Wrap Collection of Piercings

I think I pierced four or five of the seven piercings in Ellie’s ear-rim-wrap collection. The lowest two the freshest; w/1.2mm titanium. Always a pleasure to start a new project on a client, just as much as I’m honoured to add to anyone’s existing piercing collection.