Double Lobe


Isaac’s Double Lobe Piercings


Isaac’s left ear lobe pierced twice w/1.6mm titanium BCRs (Ball Closure Rings) by El Capitan @ Shiva Piercings. To my many returning clients and custom, thank you; it is always a pleasure.

Various Ear Work


Clara’s Tragus & Double Helix Piercings


Clara’s Inner-Pinner, Helix & Lobe Piercings

Various work on the lovely Clara, over time. On the left ear, a freshly pierced tragus w/1.2mm x 8mm titanium labret bar. Two healed double helix, top of the ear; the top with a 1.2mm micro bar and the lower with a 1.2mm x 8mm CBB. On Clara’s right ear is a freshly pierced inner-pinner/fwd-helix w/1.2mm x 8mm curved bar. There is also a healing helix and I’m pretty sure I pierced some of the lobes, seconds, thirds and fourth maybe. Always appreciate regular clientele and custom; meeting so many kool people adds to making what I do really enjoyable.

Top Ear – Helix




Dylan’s Triple Lobe & Helix Piercings


Dyls’ Chls

Dylan’s ears look dope with these 1.6mm Skull BCRs that we stretched his 1.2mm helix piercings to fit; just weeks after stretching his lobes from 1.2mm – 2mm. Dyl’s looking to have a cascade stretched lobe look, which I’ll document at some point. Always a pleasure man…

12mm Stretched Ear Lobe Tapering





George’s 12mm Stretched Lobes

Shiva Crew member George’s 12mm blackline two-piece, flared tunnels. Pierced and tapered George up to 12mm, over roughly 12-18 months. Ideally I recommend at least two months between each tapering.

2mm Stretched Lobe Trio Tapering


Dylan’s 2mm Stretched Lobe Trio



Hit Shiva Crew member Dylan with six blackline 2mm stretched lobe, two-pierce flared plugs – all at once! Jumped 0.8mm from 1.2mm rings to 2mm plugs and also switched up his helix piercings for blackline CBBs. All of Dylan’s piercings/stretches were pierced by myself @ Shiva, Greenwich.

Various Ear Work


Kyra’s Double Anti-Tragus & Rook Piercings


Kyra’s Helix & Rook Piercings

Various ear piercings on the lovely Kyra over time. On the right ear, second lobe and top ear/helix both w/1.2mm goldline bars and a 1.2mm x 8mm goldline segment ring in the rook. On Kyra’s left ear is another 1.2mm goldline segment ring and two 1.2mm x 10mm curved goldline titanium bars, in the double anti-tragus. Continued pleasure meeting so many wonderful people and working on projects over a length of time.

Ear Work

Oscar's Piercings - Ear Werk by El Capitan

Oscar’s Piercings – Ear Werk by El Capitan

Here’s Oscar’s ear with a healed lobe and helix piercing w/1.2mm blackline BCR. Fresh tragus addition w/1.2mm blackline labret bar. Again, always a pleasure piercing so many awesome people!


Sam's Lobe Piercings

Sam’s Lobe Piercings

Lobes II

Sam’s lobes look awesome here w/1.2mm BCRs. The first set (both ears) are healed and been fitted with bigger rings while the second set are fresh. I rarely pierce with rings (certain piercings but 90% bars/curved bars) due to healing but as everyone is different and when I can trust n’ see a client has looked after/healed well, then am more than happy to see what works. Always a pleasure, meeting so many kool people doing what I do… Both lobes, both sides pierced by me.

Orbital Lobe

Orbital Lobe

Orbital Lobe

Christina's Orbital Lobe Piercing(s)

Christina’s Orbital Lobe Piercing(s)

Orbital III

Christina’s orbital lobe piercing(s) is the middle ring between the existing studs. I love a good orbital for which I pierced the lobe twice in between the studs w/1.2mm x 10mm titanium bars and refitted a 1.2mm x 10mm segment ring around 8 weeks post piercing. Healed, looks awesome and as always; a pleasure.