Diath Piercing

Diath Piercing w/CBB

Diath Piercing w/CBB

Here is a diath piercing which was pierced with a 1.2mm x 8mm CBB. Ironically this is one of very few ring only piercings by myself, as it’s just not advisable with a bar. If the swelling is too much for a bar it can loosen a ball or both, potentially falling into your ear; that’s probably not good. I’ve also pierced them with bars in the past and found them incredibly tricky to complete as there’s not much room on the average diath up top to get your finger tips in . Again, it’s the type of piercing that is not always possible or available for everyone (depending on your ear) but this is a picture whereby it’s perfectly pierced. I quite like doing them as they are a bit tricky and I think they look really kool.

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