Inner Pinner/Forward Helix Piercings

Inner Pinner/Forward Helix

Forward Helix/Inner Pinner ~ Red Light, Green Light w/room for Yellow Light (and a mark up of how a diath would look.)

Among this collection of piercings located on the left side are two inner pinner piercings pierced by myself. The inner pinner or forward helix, is located towards the front of the ear and it is quite common I get a request for three at once but due to swelling and healing I will only ever pierce two at a time regarding an inner pinner. As you can see in this picture, I will mark up for how it will look with three (note the dot between both bars) so you can decide which way round to get them done if three is what you eventually want. I usually pierce these with either a 1.2mm x 8mm or 10mm straight bar (as seen here) or a flat back labret bar. When fully healed, as it’s such a thin area a 1.2mm x 6 or 4mm bar/labret looks awesome but they can take a few months to heal; especially if you get two pierced at once! There is also a blue line slightly lower, underneath the second bar. That was because this lady also was considering having her diath pierced.

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