Top Ear Cartilage & Lobe Triangle

Olly's Top Ear & Lobe Trio of Piercings

Olly’s Top Ear & Lobe 🔼 Trio of Piercings

Here’s Olly’s left ear for which his latest edition to his lobe trio🔼triangle is up top on the ear cartilage. This was recently pierced w/1.2mm x 8mm blackline titanium labret bar. His lobe work, pierced by me; features a 10mm wooden plug, a 1.2mm x 6mm labret bar in backwards (top of the trio) and a tiny 0.8mm x 6mm ring to complete the triangle. Really happy with this work, it’s simple n’ subtle, yet different n’ striking. It’s visually bold and you couldn’t meet a nicer guy.

10mm Stretched Lobes

Camera I ⚡ Nikki's 10mm Stretch

Camera I ⚡ Nikki’s 10mm Stretch

Camera II ⚡ Nikki's 10mm Stretch

Camera II ⚡ Nikki’s 10mm Stretch

The lovely Nikki came in w/8mm stretched ear lobes and left w/a pair of 10mm two-piece steel tunnels courtesy of the Captain. Also fitted a 1.2mm x 8mm CBB in Nikki’s tragus.

Fresh Conch ⚡ 12mm Tapers ⚡ Among a variety of other piercing work… 💀👊⚡👽✌

Fresh Conch Piercing & 12mm Lobe Stretch among others.

Sophie’s fresh Conch Piercing & 12mm Lobe Stretch among others.

Sophie's Left Ear w/fresh 12mm stretch among other piercings by El Capitan.

Sophie’s Left Ear w/fresh 12mm stretch among other piercings by El Capitan.

Sophie is one of my favourite customers and has been coming in for years, only letting the good Captain piercer her. In these photos, the Conch on the right ear has just been pierced w/1.6mm x 12mm bar; alongside a pair of 12mm lobe stretches. Among all of Sophie’s piercings I here, I have pierced (right ear) tragus, inner-pinner, conch, lobe and cartilage piercings. On the left ear I have pierced the tragus, rook and two on the lower ear cartilage as well as both lobe’s tapering all the way up to 12mm over a course of time. Happy and returning customers are what it’s all about and it’s an honour that someone would only consider myself for a piercing. Everything in these photos was pierced by myself and I have also pierced Soph’s navel, nipple, smiley and various lip piercings.  Thank you. 😷👊⚡😏✌

Additional Blackline Piercings

Blackline Bill

Blackline Bill

Bill’s a returning customer and as shown in an earlier post, I’ve pierced a fair bit of Bill w/blackline titanium. Erl, Cheeks, Angelbites, original Snakebites before stretching, Medusa before stretching and here we have added two ‘lip piercings’ the second and sixth from left to right. Bill heals real well and am honoured to add to his collection.