Holly’s Nose Piercing


Holly’s well healed nose pierced by me and refitted w/0.8mm x 6mm seamless steel ring. I’d only ever recommend shrinking down to a ring this snug when fully healed.

Various Work

Piercings by El Capitan.

Various Work / Layla's Piercings

Various Work / Layla’s Piercings

Always an honour to add to Layla’s piercing collection and collect a couple of awesome shots of some work. I have pierced Layla countless times and among these photos I think the second lip piercing in on the right was the only one pierced elsewhere. This is a shot of a fresh smiley/frenulum piercing w/1.2mm x 10mm titanium CBB. Also pictured (and healed) are double nose piercings w/0.8mm x 6mm & 10mm seamless rings, septum w/1.2mm x 8mm segment ring, 1.6mm dimple piercings, two lip piercings (left and central) w/1.2mm jewellery and iridescent gemstones; with a sternum dermal just visible at the bottom of the photos.

Septum & Nose

Charlotte's Septum & Nose (Nostril) Piercings

Charlotte’s Septum & Nose (Nostril) Piercings

Septum & Nose II

Healed Septum - Fresh Nose Piercing...

Healed Septum – Fresh Nose Piercing…

Have pierced Charlotte a few times over the years and here’s a fresh nose piercing alongside a healed septum. Continued pleasure, meeting so many kool people; doing what I do…


Nose I

Keendra's Nose Piercing

Keendra’s Nose Piercing

Nose III

Keendra has previously had her nose pierced with a gun elsewhere but removed the jewellery due to complications with the healing. This is nothing new and something I encounter over and over (the years) daily due to the jokers n’ hoaxers of the piercing world. Never let anyone pierce any part of you body with a piercing gun with the exception of ear lobes. Keendra’s new nose piercing w/clear gem stone titanium corkscrew stud, looks awesome and hopefully heals without the problems of prior gun piercing. #NeedleOnly #NeedlePiercing #UseGoogle

Double Piercings

Meg's Nose & Septum Double Piercings

Meg’s Nose & Septum Double Piercings

Meg's Double Piercings

Meg’s Double Piercings

Meg had her nose pierced on one side but got double piercings to mirror the nostril and add a septum. Thanks for the great shots and kind words!

“Addicted? Psshhh… Shut up!

It finally happened @el_capitan_body_piercer you are amazing and I thank you for your time and effort.”

Double Nose

Layla's Nose Piercings

Layla’s Nose Piercings

I’d pierced Layla’s nose a couple years back and she had since switched to a 10mm ring. Layla wanted a second nose piercing, so we switched the 10mm ring down to a 0.8mm x 6mm seamless ring and pierced behind the initial (healed) piercing w/titanium clear gem stone j-claw stud. This matches the current cheek dimples stone wise, and when the nose has healed; either an 8/10mm ring will look awesome alongside to create a pair.