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I just wanted to take an opportunity to offer a wider range heart felt thank you to everyone I met over the many years, body piercing.

From everyone I worked with, learned from, fellow body piercers and tattoo artists…

There are too many people to thank individually, but you all know who you are.

To each and everyone that I ever pierced, hundreds if not thousands of you after working full time, five or six days a week at times; over eight years. Thank you for your trust and your support.

For that inspired me to be the best I could, at times leaving it all in the studio.

Working in a well established studio Shiva and helping it grow even bigger during my time is something I am proud of, as much as I was in helping out at the newly opened 2nd Skin.

You all left an impression and made piercing a pleasure and an incredible joy.

There is only so long you can do something on repetition, before you become the definition of madness. Before something starts to define you.

I had other opportunities to work in other studios both in London and in other countries. Perhaps one day a touring guest spot…

Never say never, but I am pretty thankful for what piercing gave me; in return for all those needles. If my needles were my arrows then I went to war for you people!

Thank you!

It was a blast! A lot of hard work and dedication, it was truly an honour and a privilege.

Treat each other as you yourself, would like to be treated. That can take you at least half the way in life…

All Love.

El Capitan


Last Daze

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El Capitan X Shiva

Last day piercing @ Shiva!

After eight years full time piercing and eleven working the store and studios; I’m both excited and nervous to finally hang up the needle.

If a piercer, ever really truly hangs up the needle?

I’m also excited to announce Shiva’s piercing apprentice Miari Takahashi-Shui is now piercing! Having watched me for the past six months and shadowing me intensively for the past month, the lovely Miari has now begun her piercing journey for which I wish her all the very best of luck and a touch of pride to have left a further continuing imprint on the industry.

Piercing is an art-form. Piercing has been bidniz. Piercing is a sacred/spiritual right, a form of expression; whoever the fuck you are! Champion the individualist. Piercing has been fucking good to me… and I’m truly humbled to have hoped to have been halfway as good with the hustle in return.

Stay True. Keep it Real. Feel Blessed. Only Love. Thank You.