Last Daze

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El Capitan X Shiva

Last day piercing @ Shiva!

After eight years full time piercing and eleven working the store and studios; I’m both excited and nervous to finally hang up the needle.

If a piercer, ever really truly hangs up the needle?

I’m also excited to announce Shiva’s piercing apprentice Miari Takahashi-Shui is now piercing! Having watched me for the past six months and shadowing me intensively for the past month, the lovely Miari has now begun her piercing journey for which I wish her all the very best of luck and a touch of pride to have left a further continuing imprint on the industry.

Piercing is an art-form. Piercing has been bidniz. Piercing is a sacred/spiritual right, a form of expression; whoever the fuck you are! Champion the individualist. Piercing has been fucking good to me… and I’m truly humbled to have hoped to have been halfway as good with the hustle in return.

Stay True. Keep it Real. Feel Blessed. Only Love. Thank You.

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