Tear Drop⚡Cheek Dermal

Gökçe's Tear Drop Dermal I

Gökçe’s Tear Drop Dermal I

Gökçe's Tear Drop Dermal II

Gökçe’s Tear Drop Dermal II

Gökçe's Tear Drop Dermal III

Gökçe’s Tear Drop Dermal III

Here’s a few shots of Gökçe’s ‘tear drop’ cheek dermal anchor on her face. The first two photos are fresh immediately following piercing whilst the third picture is a week on into healing. I pierced Gökçe with a 2.5mm dermal w/4mm plain flat metal head and also popped a ball in on her ball closure ring (BCR) in her nose. The super cute Gökçe guested tattooing at Shiva last month but also runs n’ owns the Dirty 5 Tattoo studio in Turkey. Hit up http://www.Dirty5Tattoo.com for more of her work… ⚡ 💥 🔥

Gökçe Korkmaz ⚡ Dirty 5 Tattoo


Gökçe Korkmaz

Gökçe Korkmaz

Shiva would like to thank and share the wonderfully talented Gökçe Korkmaz, who guested tattooing at the shop last month whilst staying in London.

Gökçe opened the Dirty 5 Tattoo Studio in Turkey, with some work and links below… Go check out this amazing lady and her crews work, we only wish she could have stayed way longer; for was all too brief!

Gökçe Korkmaz' work...

Gökçe Korkmaz’ work…

Tattoo by Gökçe Korkmaz

Tattoo by Gökçe Korkmaz

Gökçe Korkmaz @ Shiva ⚡ September '14

Gökçe Korkmaz @ Shiva ⚡ September ’14

If you’re fortunate enough to be in Turkey, you can find the Dirty 5 Tattoo Studio @ Cumhuriyet Bulvarı No : 238 Daire:1 Alsancak

For more of Gökçe Korkmaz n’ the Dirty 5, hit up http://www.dirty5tattoo.com & http://www.instagram.com/gokcekorkmaz