Teardrop Cheek Dermal


Jenna’s Teardrop Dermal Anchor Piercing




IMG_9689It was a pleasure to add to Jenna’s collection with a teardrop/cheek microdermal pierced @ Shiva.


Tear Drop⚡Cheek Dermal

Gökçe's Tear Drop Dermal I

Gökçe’s Tear Drop Dermal I

Gökçe's Tear Drop Dermal II

Gökçe’s Tear Drop Dermal II

Gökçe's Tear Drop Dermal III

Gökçe’s Tear Drop Dermal III

Here’s a few shots of Gökçe’s ‘tear drop’ cheek dermal anchor on her face. The first two photos are fresh immediately following piercing whilst the third picture is a week on into healing. I pierced Gökçe with a 2.5mm dermal w/4mm plain flat metal head and also popped a ball in on her ball closure ring (BCR) in her nose. The super cute Gökçe guested tattooing at Shiva last month but also runs n’ owns the Dirty 5 Tattoo studio in Turkey. Hit up http://www.Dirty5Tattoo.com for more of her work… ⚡ 💥 🔥