Donatina's Nipple Piercing

Donatina’s Nipple Piercing

Donatina found a great way of expressing her happiness with her new nipple piercing with this shot which wasn’t removed from Instagram! Great artistic shot of Donatina’s nipple pierced w/1.6mm titanium barbell.

“Loving my new piercings” 👌 #bodyart #expression #nipplelove #adrenalinejunkie

Double Navel Piercings

Patricia's Double Navel Piercings

Patricia’s Double Navel Piercings

Thanking Patricia for this awesome shot of her twin navel piercings, pierced by me. The top, traditional/standard piercing was done around two months or so before the additional flipped/reverse piercing underside; both pierced w/1.6mm titanium curved bars. Always said customers take better photos post piercing, thanks for all the tags, follows etc. that I get… Providing the perfect piercing for you, is what I do.

Septum Piercing Action

Jake's Septum Piercing

Jake’s Septum Piercing

Eric's Septum Piercing

Eric’s Septum Piercing

I get quite a few uploads n’ hashtags from customers on social media and wish I had the time to find and use more… Here’s Jake and Eric, sizing/clamping up on a couple of septum piercings!! Both of these photos are measuring/pinching before piercing, my bad for not getting some shots after. Appreciate all the online/offline feedback from my customers and my intention is always to make sure you’re happy with your piercings!


Martha's Septum Piercing

Martha’s Septum Piercing

Martha's Photo a week post-piercing...

Martha’s Photo a week post-piercing…

Here’s some great shots of Martha’s piercings. I’d already pierced Martha’s nose a while ago and changed her ring back for a stud when I pierced her septum w/1.2mm x 8mm titanium circular bar bell (CBB.) Customer’s always take way better photos after they have been pierced and I’d like to source/use more; however there are only so many hours in the day to keep up… I do though, massively appreciate allllll my customers & clients who re-circulate what I do through social-media be it with they face n’ books, tweets, hashtags; whatever you’re into… 🔥   💥🔫 #LovelyLoyalCustomers #NeedlesOnly #BodyPiercing #ElCapitan