Zaliqa’s Navel Piercing





Sweet shots of Zaliqa’s navel piercing pierced w/1.6mm x 12mm aqua blue curved titanium bar and a crystal clear gemstone @ Shiva.





Katya’s Navel Piercing

Katya’s navel piercing w/1.6mm x 12mm curved goldline/suncoat titanium bar and an iridescent shimmer.






Jess’ Navel Piercing

Some great shots of Jess’ navel pierced w/1.6mm x 12mm titanium curved bar and a shimmering aqua blue gemstone. Spring is a good time to get to get your belly button pierced as the healing time can be a minimum of 3-6 months generally speaking for fast healers and 6-12 for slower healing.


Nynke's Navel Piercing I

Nynke’s Navel Piercing I

Nynke's Navel Piercing II

Nynke’s Navel Piercing II

Nynke's Navel Piercing III

Nynke’s Navel Piercing III

Without doubt the belly button piercing is still one of the most popular at Shiva and never a better time, than Spring! Nynke’s navel pierced w/1.6mm x 12mm titanium curved bar and a siam/blood-red gem stone by El Capitan @ Shiva Piercings.


Eloise's Navel Piercing

Eloise’s Navel Piercing

Eloise’s navel pierced w/1.6mm x 12mm purple anodised titanium curved bar by El Capitan @ Shiva Piercings. We offer a wide range of titanium belly button bars that we pierce with, solid and jeweled. The navel has forever been a popular piercing and Spring is a good time to pierce, as healing usually takes anywhere between three-six months; so with summer coming…

Double Navel Piercings

Patricia's Double Navel Piercings

Patricia’s Double Navel Piercings

Thanking Patricia for this awesome shot of her twin navel piercings, pierced by me. The top, traditional/standard piercing was done around two months or so before the additional flipped/reverse piercing underside; both pierced w/1.6mm titanium curved bars. Always said customers take better photos post piercing, thanks for all the tags, follows etc. that I get… Providing the perfect piercing for you, is what I do.